Had some wonderful dreams about dad last night. It fills my heart with happiness, we were chatting and dancing and swimming if only we could chat again. I need his wise words of wisdom right now. I know he listens and understands but to be able to converse 2 ways is much missed. He managed to hug me last night after parting his ridged hands and then stroked my hair. The day before he told my mam he was dying!!!!! Oh lord be kind to him please. Love to all sharing this illness xxx

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  • Its so sad am sorry x

  • Thank you for saying that his mind is functioning. I intend to use Microsoft Word to type out my words on a laptop computer when I worsen. Just a thought for you to consider.

  • Enjoy your dreams and memories. Keep strong and look after yourself too. God bless.X

  • he obviously left a great amount of love in you,he IS still with you ,just at a distance,Rollie

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