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Hate this illness!

We all do I know!

My father has taken a turn for the worst they say! He's been deteriorating for the last 4 years. He barely eats or drinks, his feet and hands are freezing, he constantly has chest infections and he's completely bed bound now. Within the last 3 weeks a 'end' care plan and medication needed for 'the end' is in place. His body is breaking down they say, no point taking him into hospital as there is nothing they can do different to what we are doing at home. He's very unsettled at night and is demanding but we don't know what he wants as communication is non existant.

How much more has he got to suffer?

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Hi yes it does make you wonder it sounds like he has fought PSP until the bitter end . It must be very exhausting sending love and strength x


You are right, we hate this illness with a vengeance!

I hope you can settle your father, so he can have some peace in his final battle with PSP.

I hope you have lots of help coming in that this terrible time for you.

Thinking of you and sending a large hug!

Lots of love


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So so so sad!

Big hugs to you!

Can you ask your GP for a urgent referal to the hospice?

They would provide excellent care at this truly sad time



I am so sorry for you and your father. I do agree with the suggestion below that a hospice might be an option at this stage. Do you have a GP who might refer your father? If not, I would contact your local hospice directly.

A hospice will support you and your family, as well as making sure gets the best possible pain relief and care. They may support you with advice even if you decide to keep your father at home.

Thinking of you and your father.



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