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Went to a careers meeting yesterday, and we were informed that a new careers act came in last April, where careers can be assessed, and there is a new benefit, that you can get, which is paid to you in a lump sum, for example if you need a gardener, window cleaner, cleaner, it is not means tested, it is for the career, you can pay for someone to sit with, the person you are looking after, so you can get some time to yourself. At last the government have realised what we do, and how much money we are saving them. I was never told about this, by my old social worker, has anybody else heard of the new law? Yvonne xxxxxx

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  • Yes Yvonne I have had it, my social worker offered it to me, I just presumed that everyone was told about it! They gave me a cheque for £250 which is paying something towards the cost of a cleaner. It's the same old story isn't it, not all carers are informed about this and that's so wrong!

    Hope you and George are doing ok....

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • They told me I qualified for $, a whole $106 a month, but so far I haven't received anything.

    Audrey xoxo

  • Audrey, I think the others are in the UK. Who here in the US is giving you even 106 a month? Or saying you might get....

    And how are you holding up?

  • eastern, have to find the letter as to who. So far haven't received a cent and I don't remember who. Took him today for a evaluation so that he can get PT again. Me, I am having a nervous breakdown :)

  • eastern, Also down to a size 2 petite. No jeans to wear and am so short of $ it is a joke.

  • Audrey, I'm with you lost money lost weight soon to lose my man. I have filled out that form for caregiver compensation...but have yet to send it.....can't tell you why (or to whom I give the thing) just a little prideful I suppose.


  • eastern it is from Mid-Florida Area Agency on Aging, Inc DBA Elder Options. Received first check today, I am so happy. Make a lot of calls in your state. sometimes miracles happen. It is for being a care giver, who is very exhausted and stressed as usual.

    Audrey (aka Auddonz)

  • You know, that would pay for our insurance....Right now we are spending about 100.00 more a month than we take in......We will be stone cold broke very shortly.

  • No . Is this in uk .. We live I. s Wales .. Is that even though I receive state pension .?

    When we asked for an it assessment in the beginning they arranged for John to have some grab rails and. Higher step at front and back of house .

    They told me it wasn't means tested and could be up to £250 .

    That was some years ago

    We have carers now two three times a day which we only have to pay £60 weekly at the moment .

    Actually in mid of CHC assess though .

    They haven't even turned up this morning , I have been up since seven waiting for them it's now nine thirty . I have seen to John myself now .. Just don't ask me how I do manage . I am 79 . Without ceiling hoists I wouldn't .

    It's a caring company that just doesn't care how they treat their carers or clients.

  • Sorry Cabbagecottage but I think it is England only, I asked about it before Christmas but no one in N Wales heard about it.

    Sorry you are having difficulty getting CHC, again I think it depends on health board Betsy Cadwalader may be poor at a lot of things but does seem to have act together concerning NHS and LG Social Services cooperation.

    Hope you care agency gets its act together.

    Best wishes Tim

  • That stinks

  • Hi, I got £500 in June last year! So I could join our local gym. But I was told at the PSP friends and family day, a few months ago that this would be taxable. So yes, while its not means tested, you do have to pay tax on it!!!

    What's the point of giving with one hand and taking away with the other!!!!

    Lots of love


  • No one mentioned tax you are so right heady bloody joke X. Love to you all especially you pat hope you are doing ok and feeling better. George at the centre today, he was in a mood today so glad he had the centre. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹xxxxxxxxx

  • No one mentioned tax when I got Carers Allowance had it for 2 yr before found it was taxable it's taken HMRC over a yr to sort and I still owe them money, as you say one hand gives other takes. I now ask about tax before any cash as HMRC is horrendous best wishes Tim

  • Just checked the 'Act' out on Internet and it only applies to England unfortunately. Think the rest of us in NI, Wales and Scotland will have to lobby our MP's for equal treatment, after all we are part of UK.

  • A carer did turn up eventually at three o'clock . That was after numerous stressful phone calls .

    I am not a naturally confrontational person but since I have been dealing with situation have become stronger in that respect .

    I am not happy to have to be like that . When I did get through really blew my top . its not good after all I need all the strength I have to take care of my husband in the first place

    When the carer came to th door I asked who she was agency worker ., in her own , she didn't realise it was a double handed call .

    Whe she said I'm sorry I do understand how you feel but I am all a district nurse.

    She told me she had done work for the company for a long time and what's happening is appalling . She works also for continuing care and only came out because she k ew how dreadful everything was and care so Much herself noon else did turn .. Just as well I had already seen to johns needs myself .

    I feel as if there is somewhere testing me to see if I will break . Well I'm bloomming well not going to . So there , lol

  • Just seen this.

    Thanks for the info.

    I'll check that out.

    I hope everything ios going well for you both.



  • nppot heard of it at alllol


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