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Hand Rail Mustafa

Hand Rail Mustafa

Hi Mustafa, sorry this is public, I couldn't find how to send a photo privately. If anyone knows, please tell me.

This is the rail which we put up about 3 years ago. It took C's weight even when he fell against it as he got out of the car. It's also been hit by a car, not mine!

I've put the same going from the back door up the garden but as he hasn't used it for a while now, I've let plants grow through so is more difficult to see. He could only use it for about 18 months but I felt is was definitely worth doing as he got so much enjoyment from the garden. He was also able to access the summerhouse. At the front of the house I walked to his side but in the back he held on with both hands and walked sideways. Remarkably he found it quite easy but two rails would be better. We spoke to the OT about rails and I know it depends where you live. They wouldn't put a rail up the drive but were prepared to dig all the drive and front garden up and put a zig zag ramp in, great for the village skateboaders I think.

Hope this helps.

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I asked the administrator once and was told that private pictures couldn't be accommodated, so this is the way! Best, ec

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Hi NannaB

thank you so much for going through the effort of posting the pic, good to know it took a few hits but still standing strong. Think I've got a better idea of what to do now, still need to call the OT up and see what they can do, i haven't raised my hopes, lets hope they can prove me wrong though. how deep are the timber posts into the ground?



From memory about 23cm. I do hope you manage to do something suitable so your dad can enjoy the garden.



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