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Mike is dx. With parkinson's plus cbgd.

We are 4yrs. Into the dx. Our neuro. Is recommending a trip to p.d. in statute, to see if he can get slightly more regulated.

We've tried patches carbo lev o with extenders he was getting over dopamine, now his body seems to be failing more and has a window of 2 maybe 3 hrs. Before his p.d. attack s between doses...

Does anyone have p.d.attacks daily? I'm trying to care for him and help him through them.

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I hope you have also posted this on the Parkinson's community page. PSP and Parkinson's differ a great deal when it comes to medication. (Most Parkinson's treatments don't help PSP patients for long, if at all.) I hope you do find some good advice. Your situation sounds very hard. Best, Easterncedar


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