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Medisana Neck Massage Cushion

Don't know if anyone read the article in this months PSPA magazine about a neck massager.

Here the article.

At the end of 2014 Maureen from East Kilbride happened to spot a medisana neck massage cushion on sale for around £15.99 in her local lidl. She decided to buy it for her husband Tommy who is living with Psp and tells us it's one of the best things she's ever bought for him. Maureen explains "Tommys neck and shoulders visibly relax when I turn it on and his complaints about neck pain have reduced. It's the first thing he asks for when she visits him at the care home - he calls it his 'wee German machine'. Even the staff have commented on how relaxed he is when it's on.

You can find the cushion at eBay for £20+ £3.99 p+p

Search Medisana Neck Massage Cushion.

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This sounds interesting thank you for sharing. Do you happen to know the weight or if it is lightweight. It seems ideal for my Mum who is a PSP sufferer but she doesn't like anything heavy near her neck so I wondered if you knew? Thank you. J

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