Can any one advise type of commode they have found very good, my husband just about manages to get out of bed to use his but at least 3 times a week stumbles , falls backwards and pulls commode on top of him. Only once was it empty!!! He does this with 2 commodes that we have. I have now resorted to strapping it to bed rails, heavy chair and wardrobe handle with about 4 belts. If it comes over again it will bring bed,wardrobe and chair. Last night was a success , am waiting for OT to come and advise. His coordination is poor and he can't manage a bottle , he tips it or drops it. Any suggestions would be helpful whilst we wait for the OT to fit a visit in. Many thanks

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  • Hi my partner uses a sturdy white plastic waste paper bin which is kept by his bed at night its deep enough and wide enough not to miss!!!!

  • We tried this, he has to be seated and I found him aiming across the room, it's a nightmare, but thanks for replying .

  • It certainly is a nightmare you are right x

  • Yes we have only been struggling for almost 4 years , I know we have a long way to go yet !!! X

  • The only thing that stopped C having accidents to his body and from bladder and bowels was to make sure I woke as soon as he tried to get out of bed. On occasions when I was too late he managed to pull over a chest of drawers, fall down stairs and have numerous puddles or worse. I tried lots of solutions but me waking and helping him was the only one that worked. I hope you are given better ideas.


  • Bev, that's exactly what I do with Bruce! We sleep in the same bed so I am easily awakened, then as if we were riding a horse or bike or something, I get up with/behind him and when he steps, I step while holding his night shirt and he walking wiht his walker. This has minimized the night time falls by 99%! After 4 broken toilets, I know that if I choose not to walk with him, I'll be cleaning up a tankful of water.......therefore, waking up 3, 4 times a night is alot easier on me/us...and means more sleep for the both of us.....But B can still walk (she says guardedly) and still independently use the toilet...


  • Oh that takes me back.


  • I'm sure....:( How's Colin doing today?

  • Quite a good day today. He has stayed in bed again as it was safer than attempting to get him out on my own but our son is coming early tomorrow so may get him up. No choking or noisy coughing today. He has a TV and tonight I looked at him while I was working in the kitchen and he was smiling. Normally I know when he is smiling in his eyes as his mouth doesn't move but tonight it was a proper smile. It was a TV programme he was smiling at. They do surprise you sometimes don't they?


  • Bev . Does colon get myoclonic jerks ,

    When he is his switched off sleeping no speak .. Can u get a respons , how long do they normally last . John is going k. And on. I have asked go twice to call . No hop ther . Given him antibiotics don't know if he really needs then . Penicillin ! .

    He is so sensitive to meds as well .

    Been talking holding conversations with people . Acting them out . This had happened on occasions but not normally this long .

    None of the GPS know him . I did get him to poke his tongue to me and eventually even manage top to get his tankers down and even slowly a mug of thickened water .

    Can colin go this long . I am hoping the oatkinsons nurse can find time to call in later she holds lots of clinics .

  • He doesn't have myoclonic jerks, not that I've seen anyway. He has only had 2 episodes when he has been totally unresponsive and when he was like it, it was as if unconscious. He didn't even grasp my hand when I put it In his. Both times he was like it from when we tried to get him up in the morning until 8pm one night and 9 pm the other. When he came to, he took food and a drink and his eyes opened. Our GP said it was probably a neurological blip.....very medical term!


  • I think you are right but he needs to urinate at least 5 times a night and I have to a couple of times also, I feel I might as well sit in chair all night , I have very little sleep sometimes and then I find it hard to cope in the day. I am waiting for an assessment and I hope he can a days respite once a week to give me a break as I can't leave him at all. I am relying on a friend to sit now and again but I don't want to seem to take advantage. Hopefully we will have some ideas from the OT soon on the commode side of things. Oh well , onwards and up they say , thanks for help.x

  • I sleep in same room as M and get up at least 4 times a night to help M to the toilet. Recently started to use commode as her legs not working well at night now. The commode I have is a high backed seat with dish under seat. Backed to wall and jambed between hospital bed and Wardrobe. Only snag comes in getting her on to the commode without smashing her head on the wall as she tries to lean backwards without bending to sit. My shoulder beginning to complain constant joint pain from hauling her into position. So far only accidents in bedroom have been liquid and as I have placed 2 old mattress protectors under the commode and by the bed these were easily dealt with.

    I should ask your OT for suggestion for best type of commode for your situation.

    Best Wishes Tim

  • Please b careful with this shoulders I from experience and now really suffering .

  • Thanks will try.

  • The answer is a sheath and bag . I use to be up all night getting my husband in and out of bed . I asked th GP about the sheath and he arranged a night continence nurse to visit .

    Worked a treat once he accepted it . I use to join Two bAgs to make it longer , open the end and keep a bowl under the bed to collect . .

  • Thank you for the information.....are you in the UK ??

  • Yes in wales ,

  • He isn't incontinent even now but more chair and bed bound so used pads I use to use the sheath for him in the day if I went out so that he didn't have to move and fall while I wasn't there . We stopped because he became so t protracted and it didn't work for him anymore

  • Yes my husband isn't incontinent it's the chair and bed bound and needing the assistance to get to loo . We use commode so that I don't have to be walking him several times in the night.Waiting for OT but meanwhile I have tied commode legs with 4 belts to bed rail, heavy chair and a wardrobe and he hasn't fallen backwards and pulled it over him. It's worked last two nights, looks a mess but who cares . X

  • It's a night,are isn't it. The trouble is is the smaller tighter spaces that cause the most problems . It might sound wrong but would be better if place further away ,

    For instance when John was feeding himself even . You would think to put the plate mpnearer to him but no , that's too small a movement again . I learned to place the plate further away so that he would reach out further and a longer sweep to his mouth . Do try it.. Does he get out of bed on his oplayedn or are you there . Maybe once he is out of bed holding onto something you move the chair towards him under his bottom .

    I had the same problem for a while , and getting him across the room and into bed . When I think be pack o don't really know how I did manage .

    We now have ceiling hoists over his chair and bed and I hoist him at all times ,.

    Brilliant ...

    I found that it was no good standing in front of him to help either it' was like a brick wall to him . It's a learning curve . Doesn't come with a book of instructions , I don't know why these days . Maybe I will write one . I think it would be a best seller lol .i hate to think of all the people out there now struggling the same way as I did , I want to help them all .can he walk at all does he go up and don stairs . If he does is it easier going up .!!!mig it is it's because he is stretching and taking biggest steps . Stretching out .

  • Some keen observations, cc! It is true somewhat about the stretching out.....The smaller more shuffled B's steps the quicker a fall is had. However, If he takes large sweeping steps (otherwise known as normal) he keeps his core in balance. On the other hand (literally) the greater his reach for an anchor the higher the risk of a bad fall. When he sees the object of his destination he just leans for matter how far and of course its so far out of the way that he lands on the floor! When we are walking (without his walker {we do walk with much assistance, solo}) I have to emphasize ,"Elbows connected to waist before you connect to destination" simply put (or not) if his elbows have to leave his waist to get where he wants to be, he' is overreaching! This works about half the time....and only when I say it...I'm ALWAYS saying it....

    We should all write a book or at least a chapter, eh?


  • The smaller moves make the freezing , when John was able to walk we would wine as we stepped out to the GRAND OLD DUke of York .

  • Remember cc, im from across the pond...Who's the Grand Old Duke of York?

  • It's a nursery rhyme sang to a marching tune

    Oh the Grand Old Duke of York, he had 10000 men he marched them up to the top of hill and he marched them down again....and when they were up they were up and when they were down they were down .....and when they were only halfway up ....they were neither up or Down. Could be couple of words a bit different !!!!

  • That's right. We use to sing as he was trying to walk. It's what I do when he cannot speak . I get him to sing.

  • good job!

  • Cute!

  • I'm trying that one tomorrow - my husband knows it well from UK grandmother:)

  • Same here!!! Lots of verbal coaching. After a broken rib event - he now only goes 2 steps at a time then a pause. We have taped X'es for "pause, take a breath and make a plan for the next move." Seeing a light switch is enough to throw him to the floor :( Only one job at a time!!! Like you, abirke, I have to say it all the time - He never gets annoyed like he's heard it a thousand times already ?!?! We also - and he plays along - we count out the anticipated number of steps....this is for today, anyway LOL :)

  • About that book - I've said before the Dr.s make faces like you're an idiot if you mention Google - well, what the heck - they don't tell you any of this!!!!!!! : /

  • You are so right !! He does not walk much and only with help but he has enormous difficulty just getting out of bed and easing onto commode, can't turn his feet , however since I strapped it to several objects we have had no mishaps. OT rang today and will be here shortly , she may be a ble to help. When he was walking on his own he used to stride out. I had never really thought about the small movements and freezing. X

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