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I really want to get into my sexy blue number at Christmas but knowing how I eat and drink too much when I'm stressed, sad, worried etc, am not doing very well getting rid of my wobbly bits. For breakfast I had Granola, bought for my guests a couple of weeks ago. So as not to over eat, my portions are bigger than necessary, I decided to weigh the cereal. The packet mentioned a 45 gram serving so I put 45gr on my kitchen balance scales and poured the cereal into the bowl. Whoops, far too much so I carefully removed clusters of oats until the scales balanced, exactly 45gr. I poured the cereal into my bowel, a far smaller portion than I would have usually poured. Being good I poured skimmed ( not semiskimmed) milk on top. It was then realisation hit me; the clusters I had removed from the scales had gone straight into my mouth.

Oh well, perhaps I'll buy myself another sexy blue number, two sizes bigger than the first 😆 x

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  • Very funny, NannaB! At first I thought you were going to say you forgot to subtract the weight of the bowl from your total. That is something I would do!!

  • Lovely !

    Reminds me when my children were little and I just got into the habit of clearing everything into me !! Good job they were good eaters or I would have been even bigger .

    How is Colin today ?

    love, Jean x

  • I did the same, I hate waste. Colin is about the same. A different hoist has been ordered and the district nurse came to look at his bed sore. She took a photo to show the GP. I hope it doesn't end up on facebook. Medihoney has been ordered and she is coming back tomorrow.

    Have a good evening.


  • You too. Fingers crossed for blessed sleep for us all!

    love, Jean x

  • I will google medihoney . I have put a dressing on John this morning , two in fact. As soon as I see any sign of soreness or break in the skin I put one on .

    So far it has helped. Let us know how u get on with the honey please

  • It was delivered by the chemist yesterday but it says on the tube that it should be put on the skin surrounding the sore. Not the sore itself. One of my carers has horses and he said if they ever have wounds, he puts it all over and it heals very quickly. I have put it around the wound but Proshield Plus on the sore. The DN is coming Tuesday from now on. I asked her if it should be dressed but she said they don't dress them unless they are really deep. I think it should be dressed. It's not deep but it is getting bigger and you can't avoid friction, especially when getting out of bed. Perhaps the new hoist will help.

    What sort of dressing do you use and do you attach it? Colin's skin is so thin I can't stick anything to it as his skin would tear as I take it off.

    C is going to the Hospice this morning but I am going to collect him early and get him to bed on his side.

    Hope your day is OK with no dramas.


  • The district nurses prescribed Comfeel plus transparent . It's very thin but it does stick to the skin . John had quite nasty sore .

    The skin was getting red , after a while I saw it getting a bit blue , it's where it's dying beneath I believe .

    It's when it started to break down it was only me tending him at that time . They put one dressing on with had a soft pad like a plaster in the middle but the ones now are absolutely clear , I thought it wouldn't be good , how can you sticky on the sore part .

    It stops the air getting at it but still breaths . I pat least something like that .

    It's healing beneath .you can leave them quite a long time and w ash but like anything else ISPs in such an awkward place it does getting wriggled up .

    John hadnt complained of being sore since using it . Once the sire heals I then kept my eye open for any change and at the start I put one on as prevention . It has worked .

    Can't just pull them off it will take the skin as well but when I starts to come off I will cut the lose bits and eventually when after it keeps wetting can release it .

    Having said that C is incontinent I believe , John isn't

    As such , I use the pads to protect , in case of accident in his sleep or I am out .

    We are very lucky that he is generally still in control , it is the only thing he seem to have any control over otherwise .

    I have not used pro shield our nursed use cavilon which I am not fussy for so use the baby Bepanthem .

    Is the pro shield plus a barrier or cream .

    I have been e mailing our social worker and she is really on our case now along with the district nurse .

    She is gathering all the info on John .. I don't think they had all the proper facts previously but now they have been a few times have go see how John is .

    Nine of them had even met him before except for Oarkinsons nurse , she is so inundated she can't possibly be able to keep up with everyone , She is off sick at the moment ..

    We will have another assessment meeting now , I haven't asked for it , they have decided . I don't think I would have had enough energy to fight now if had had to start all over again .

    My new sitter is due again later , so hopefully get to our reopened garden centre although I did hear there were very very long queues to even get in the car park yesterday so not sure it's wise . Don't want to spend my two hours sat in the car do I ..

    Just had my hair cut , that cheers you up doesn't it . jOhns asleep so will go and change while I can . At the moment it's quiet and running smoothly . It won't last of course .

    My mother and johns always used honey on any sore .

    Aloe Vera is suppose to be good isn't it . Not sure on sore bottoms though . One of my carers recently gave me a plant . I have not uses it on John . I do use arnica if he has a bruise . Not had one of those for a long time . He isn't moving enough to knock himself I suppose ..

    Have a good day , hope it all goes to plan xx

  • C isn't continent now, only when he has a flare up of his colitis so the wound stays clean. This afternoon I put him to bed after collecting him from the hospice and it looks as if the red skin is breaking down. There are tiny little cracks all over it. I think he will spend a lot of the weekend in bed. The Proshield Plus is a skin protectant but is supposed to have healing properties as well.

    My chef son has Aloe Vera plants handy and if he cuts himself, he cuts some of the plant and dabs the jelly on the wound.

    I went to our local garden centre today and had breakfast. I realised I had forgotten to eat this morning when I felt really hungry at 11am. I hope you got to yours but I expect it would have been crowded. Last week I popped down quickly while the sitter was here, to get a congratulations card. I didn't realise it was 20% off everything. It was manic. The queues for the checkout were so long, I put the card back. Today it was very civilised.

    I hate having my hair cut but you are right, it does make you feel good when it's done.

    I hope you have a good weekend. I think it's going to be a wrap up warm, batten down the hatches one.


  • you will have to watch that if is starting to break down . have you noticed it had been getting for some and then getting darker .,

    that's what happened with johns . we haven't got and air mattress or cushion I think I will ask district nurse about it .

    does colin wear pads during the day . I started with John when he could no longer wear a sheath and bag ..

    he couldn't bere any weight at all so I splithe crotch part of jogging trousers to make it easier to access when replacing it when on the commode chair .

    when I replace the pad I line the bottom part of it with Conti cleansing wipes as you would with napkin liners . not that I ever used those they weren't around when I had my baby lol.

    I don't know if they do help but I think they do and if the pad not stained can discard the pad and reline ..

    have you tried something like suda creme . I use it if the skin is broken until it heals in some places

  • The district nurse told me not to put a pad on him as they have waterproof backing so stop air circulating so we are trying without. I put suda creme on him last night as the Proshield + doesn't appear to be helping. I'll give it a couple of days to see if there is an improvement. I'm surprised you haven't been given a ripple mattress. We've had one since the first tiny sore. We have a special cushion on his chair but it is not deep enough. The trouble is, a deeper cushion will bring him too high and the way he leans, he would be tipping out of the chair. The OT said she was going to see about getting him another chair made for him but I can't see them agreeing to that. The last OT said they no longer provide rise recliners to people who need a hoist as they don't need to rise. They do nee to recline though. If they can't provide one, I'll see about buying one.

    There is a blizzard here at the moment. I hope it doesn't lay. We are at the bottom of a steep hill and cars can't get up or down if it lays so carers will have to walk down after parking their car on the main road.

    Take care.


  • I find that suda crem is best of all .

    Couldn't get I with Cavilon and why I looked at the bay section in Tesco , now use the Bepanthem . D nurse swears by Cavilon . The sorry burns him . That's what the D N used when the skin broke.

    It's taking me such a 'one time to be able to get him comfy in his chair .

    His was custom made through OT. John is very short . I have since removed all the cushion that came with it and got my own on I now use pillow ps for the back part .

    I have looked and looked for one to buy myself more suitable bug so far no luck .i wouldn't mind how muc and get one made to measure my self but don't trust they would get it any better after all that money .

    I am not sure I am right in using th pads but because he wears joggers and not underpants it can rub and not warm enough . If in bed not so bad but not in chair .

    In bed he just wears a pad . Don't kno what to do for best sometimes. Do u.

    John is mostly reclined ..

    I have tried think how else to cope best without wearing a pad . The only way really is to wear nothing I could maybe design some bottomless trousers .. Let you know how I get on with that .. The carers laugh at me now with Mirror and bits and bobs I use loll John always keep a shawl over his legs abpnyway ...

    May I could place lambs wool on the. Seat part .

    Some is for children now .it does worry me and ice . We haven't had it here so far but it's not far from us. , the one carers had to scrape the ce of yesterday morning . .

    We will get there no between us all .

    John had such a good day yesterday , I couldn't believe . He has been dreadful . How on earth can it be like that . It is so confusing and complex

  • Confusing and complex is right. One day up, the next down. As C has a convene, when he is in bed, he doesn't wear anything on the bottom half. I put a pad flat on the bed against him, just in case of an accident. I then put a sheet over him but also over the handrail so it's not touching the sore. In his chair he just wears pants with a fleece over his legs. If I know folk will be coming, he wears trousers. It's all trial and error isn't it?


  • Certainly is , when yo say a

    Can colin wpmove at all . John cannot adjust himself in any way cos he cannot press onto the floor .

    Do you use a chair pad .i find they wriggle up under him. I place puppy pads on the bed .

    John general doesn't wet himself ,. The odd off times or gets confused .sometimes in dream but really as long as the Chair doesn't get wet it doesn't matter really does it .

    To wear underpants would be awkward when I get him onto the commode or replace them to hoist back onto the chair

    Wher is the sore . I keep pillows either side of John in bed to stop him rolling over and support his arms

  • When in bed, C rarely moves. The sore is very low down, almost in the crack near the anus so when in bed, I put him on his side so it isn't touching anything. I put pillows against his back to stop him rolling back onto it. I put a pillow between his legs so his knees don't rub. He always clings onto the side of the bed so rarely rolls over.

    He has a special cushion on his chair. I put a pad underneath as on occasions the convene has back flowed but I have that rubber stuff underneath to stop it slipping; the sheet you put under rugs to stop them slipping. I also put some under the cushion. I can see underpants would be awkward. That's one good thing about the standing hoist. It will be more difficult when we get the next one.

    The snows all gone already so hope it doesn't return as my son and grandson are coming on Monday for a couple of nights. I'm going to remake the bed now. Got to make it look good as he owns an inn and his rooms look great. I'm looking forward to him cooking for me.


  • that will be nice , a bit of normal for a few days . they way we live now is normal to us isn't it , it's not normal really though . you organise the day around Colin's needs . it is all consuming .

    That's eaectly where johns skin breaks Down . very awkward . (exactly ) can't go back lol .he also bleeds around the anus as well , I use the suda cream there as well .

    when I am cleansing once get the worse off I continue cleaning but either use Vaseline or the cavilon . when you keep in cleaning is when it damages the skin.

    the dressing are good if it's just starting to sho signees of breaking . it heals underneath the dressing . the district nurse left them for me but I use the now as prevention as well so looked in line and bought my own .. I must ring up and ask for more from the surgery .

    John finds it hard to sleep on his side . although like you I roll him to one side a little . have you got the slide sheet is that what you Use ? apparently can get then that you can leave on the bed and the bolster support so that one person can manage on their own .. I've not Sen it by the OT told me about it recently .

    I use the material that you put under plant pots etc . can't think of the name for now . that stops the sliding as well .

    don't worry about using the ceiling house you will manage I a sure o.

    John clings as well .

    does colon have difficulty hen you have company in the room , can he cope with the conversation . I don't mean joining in .

    I tell him to try and switch off but he cannot , I will go the the dining room/bedroom "

  • I use a slide sheet. If I put him to bed during the day I leave it under him. I don't think I'm supposed to but he is so difficult to roll, I have a job to put it on him when he is lying down.

    Colin is fine when folk come. He even does his funny humming laugh if someone says something funny but now it doesn't sound like a laugh, just a hum but I know he appreciates what is being said.

    Commode duty now.


  • ask about the one you can leave him on .

    If John is sometimes in bed for a short time I will leave his sling on . not suppose to and I wouldn't if longer .

    ask the OT about the slide sheet you can leave . I will ask ours she is actually coming on Tuesday will try and remember .

    she is in the middle of a project , I think maybe to do with the cutbacks maybe , don't really know .

    she told me when she goes to clients and their are two Carers , they are talking and chattering over the clients heads . and sometime one isn't doing very much maybe make the bed and write the hook up .

    I am inclined to agree , we have some lively ones but they come in talking nonsense to him and each other . they mean well and try to lighten the mood .

    in lots of cases it's not appropriate and in johns case all to much , w

    the as they stop to talk he is left bare and cold . he never grumbles Bev .

    I get on with them great and join in with catching up .

    I have often said I would love to be able to have just one career and I could assist . after all I do that and more when they are not her . wouldn't be allowed though of course.

    I I were ill could soon get another .

    John is still much better today , he has been awful not able to drink or feed for ages . I can't believe the difference . it won't last though .

    I will talk to OT she can ask about the bolster . that's what I call it it hold the one side while the other like a wedge I suppose

  • I'll see the OT when I get the new hoist but not until then but I'll ask her about the slide sheet. We only ever have one carer at a time. I am the second one. Most of the carers we have now are lovely with C. There is just one who doesn't say much. She gives instructions, which he can't follow but no chit chat. They all shower him alone but I help with dressing, undressing etc. Let's hope John continues to eat and drink well for some time yet.


  • since John not able to weight bare he had had two Carers van before the hoist and knce the hoist involved they insist in Wales that it must be two . I use it on my own ,,!!!! they are a great deal younger than me lol

    health and safety ..I pin fact in some ways I the it is better safer with one using it . they get in each other's way .

    I am fed up of showing them what John needs , having had 135 different Carers we struggled for a long long time before we had any hoist at all . could never get a social worker .

  • I am going out tonight but only an hour hardly worth making the effort . always glad when I come back though

  • Enjoy! Shame it's only for an hour but I value any time doing something other than caring, as much as I love my darling, it's good to do other things.


  • 45g.s of granola is what about an American 1/4 cup?The portions they give can be even worse on losing wt (cuz you're still hungry and start chowing on more stuff) than just eating what fills you up! There is a program I heard about, called Weigh Down. I like the idea because all you do (besides meetings and a support person) is eat only half of whats on your plate. No changing diet but just eat half as much as you if you want that candy bar; ok just eat half! I used it for another reason, drinking.....It really worked. I no longer have the need for the 6 pack!

    Which is good since you can imagine how hard it is picking your man up when your own knees and sensibility aren't working....hahha

    sorry baby you started off funny and I got morose.....but I do agree with goal setting and working toward that goal, no matter how long it takes you ....

    Here's something funny, I have been wearing my wedding dress (which was a summer dress my aunt made me years before I got married) to church on my anniversary for the last 29 years.....This last year; on our 30th.....uhm I wore my blue slacks and a blouse......! I was 87lbs or 92 when I got married......I've gained about 15 to 20lbs since then ....that fitted bodice of my cute little summer/wedding dress was no longer fit to wear! haha!! For Christmas it's stretch pants and slippers.....I'll eat what I want....and then go on that weigh down....but until then we dine!!!!


  • NannaB I go to weight watchers and you are allowed 30 gr of cereal, I normally have 40gr of porridge, which feels me up. I am a gold member, but started going again to support my daughter, she is trying to loose weight, every time I get on the scales I weight the same, even if I have been good, I put it down to stress, need to loose a bit my dresses are tight. Just can't motivate myself. Yvonnexxxxx you can even do it online xxxxxx

  • I'm a Gold member as well but haven't been back so will have to pay again. I lost 2 1/2 stone and got to my goal weight the week C was diagnosed and lost interest after that. I did manage to keep it off for 2 years so I changed everything in my wardrobe and bought dresses instead of tops and trousers. I've still got all my smaller clothes but like you, never seem to lose anything. I'm not putting it on at the moment but Christmas is coming and our chef son is coming to stay next week. Scrummy food but waist widening.


  • If I'm eating chef's food its a crime to not eat it !!


    We'll have a loose tops party !!

    Love, Jean x

  • First, anything that goes into your mouth, without you knowing is free of calories! Like it is if you pinch a chip from someone's plate! Secondly, as AVB states for Christmas, stretch pants and a fancy top, always work for me. Thirdly, there are times to diet and times not to. I think you and the rest of us, on this site, will be forgiven for saying, this isn't the time!!! Or else go mad like me and get a dog!!! Lost half a stone since having him. Not sure if it the stress or the walks!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh how I'd love a dog. Not tonight though, too wet, too windy.

    I think it will be a fancy top and stretch pants for me as well.


  • Oh what fun is dieting, I know I should cut down but I am on a see food diet (see food and eat). Serious problem is getting worse, I am now over 100kg (220lbs) was 90 last year, not very good at cooking for one though getting better at portion control and freezing half the meal. I have reduced size of plate and bowls so still looks large but weight creeps up.

    No longer fit my old M&S shirts cross the tummy but found a high and mighty website so do not have to resort to tee shirts and my slim fit jeans went years ago. So after Christmas it will be out with M's old diet books and calory counting, ugh. Also back to the Canadian Army XBX routine.

    Does Red wine count it is only grape juice with a spring in its step.


  • Tim, red wine as you say is from a grape, so that's part of you five a day, chocolate is made from beans so again part of your five a day, well in my book anyway 😃

  • And mine!!!

    Walking to the fridge, uses up a lot of calories, try having bottles that still have corks, the pulling of the cork, uses up loads. Drink out of small glasses, more trips to the fridge,(sorry white wine drinker) if on Red wine, keep the bottle in another room! Trying sharing a bottle if you can, the fight for the final dregs, is a great work out!

    Lots of love


  • That's brilliant!



  • I was told red wine is better than white if you are on a diet and it must contain vitamin C so will help prevent colds so it must be good for you.

    I've just looked up the Canadian Army routine. If I looked at the right one, it's only 3 minutes of exercise. I think I'll try that. I'll let you know how it goes......if it lasts longer than a week.


  • Starts at that but you are supposed to build up to about 30 min but I never got there last time but it does work.

  • I discovered that when I printed out the exercises. What a let down. At first sight it looked quick and easy but reading the guidance properly I was quite confused. I will look again though when I'm more awake ( may be a long time ahead).


  • Have a quiet night as with all fitness regimes they become boring and hard.

    Best wishes Tim

  • Given up already. The first exercise was toe! My back went. Two hours later after double strength ibuprofen, smelly spray and relaxation, it's OK but not risking it again.

    Hope your day is as good as it possibly can be.


  • Ow! Hope your back gets better, I tend to touch knees then gradually move down as become more limber. My back is tender so always careful how I extend it, except when moving M.

    Have a good day. Tim

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