Never a dull moment

Wednesday ,the seventh catheter night , now that really sounds like a Swedish movie " THE NIGHT OF THE SEVENTH CATHETER " was eventful in more ways than one . I had just phoned the out of hours district nurses and slumped disconsolately back into my armchair thinking what another fun night lay ahead .I was contemplating whether to have a cup of tea or a triple whiskey ( thought that me breathing whiskey fumes over the district nurses was possibly not a good idea so plumped for tea ) when I heard the cat flap go and in marched Millie ( the cat ) tail erect ,mouse in mouth which she calmly dumped right in the middle of the living room floor .I have to tell you that this is her idea of fun , mouse dropped , very much alive then sit back and watch as I frantically hurtle round the room in pursuit of said mouse until I catch and deposit it outside probably to be caught again next day .

This time instead of racing off behind the bookcase said mouse took one horrified look at the situation and dived under my chair . Gleefully Millie crouched, tail lashing, nose virtually on the floor peering under the chair . Oh God I thought this is all I need ,blocked catheter , district nurse virtually knocking on the door and cat and mouse games in the living /V's bedroom .What a madhouse . I decided my only option was to surreptitiously move my chair . Mouse shot out into the middle of the room and froze , whiskers trembling - Millie's tail went from lashing to full rotation ,I will swear I saw her lick her lips ,so with an athleticism far beyond my years , I threw myself in what was rather like a rugby player diving over the line for a try ,cupped hands poised and captured said mouse before a startled Millie could make her move .Mouse rescued and deposited outside - arrival of nurses - "everything OK " they asked " Oh yes" I said " just the usual ."

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  • Oh Georgepa how did you keep a straight face when the DN arrived? Wonderful story , how is V? I'm still laughing. Hugs maddy

  • Asleep thank heaven - catheter behaving normally but it is only day two but I have been issued with Optiflow , sounds like something you put in the screen wash bottle in the car , have been instructed on how to administer, start tomorrow . (You pump it up the tube I think it is instead of blowing !)

  • Oh George that's so funny, you've made me laugh again! xx

  • George I would of died if the mouse was in my house, I am petrified of mice. Can't believe the catheter is blocked again, what a time you are having, hopefully they will come soon, and V can have a sleep, and you can have a whiskey and go to bed Yvonne xx

  • mew 2 g '

    .lol jill


  • I would be laughing if I wasn't qiuite so down right now, but what can I say if you must play cat and mouse games

    Make the cat behave

    Love Debbie xxx

  • Oh Georgepa, my recliner armchair and our night carers armchair are toe to toe with both of us snuggled under duvets listening to the breathing of Colin with very long pauses after 12 breaths and wondering if at last, this will be the final night we sleep like this. I read your post to the carer and Colin, if he can still hear and both of us ladies will go to sleep laughing tonight for a change. It may not have seemed funny to you at the time but oh how it cheered us up. Thank you


  • Hi NannaB. Sending much love to you all. Really hope Colin is peaceful.

    I saw on a medical programme the other day that they think hearing is the last sense to stop, even going on for a bit after the heart has stopped. Hope Colin had a little giggle too to himself xx

  • Yes Spiralsparkle, I'm still talking to him and reminding him of good and funny things that have happened so hope he can hear.


  • I'm sure he can hear you.

    Much peace and love to you both.


  • Dear NannaB, when I go, I would love to have my loved ones watching over me and laughing now and then. As the spiritual goes, "I'm going to rise up singing." Love to you, ec

  • That's made me smile. Thank you


  • i agree bv / c /carers

    mad e melaff 2



  • Thinking of you, NannaB. Sending loving thoughts for peaceful nights and days. God bless. X

  • Thank you Robbo1


  • When my mother was dying I encouraged my sisters to remember our childhood. My mother died with a smile on her lips, hearing our laughter. Thats what I want.


  • That's lovely.


  • God Bless you hard it is for you and yet you are so resilient and still finding joy.....I know Colin knows how good you been to him..


  • 12 days now AVB. Not sure how much longer I can still find joy but God willing, it will all change soon.


  • Oh, George, what joy your stories bring. Better than a nightcap to have a smile before turning out the lights, and you gave me that. Poor mouse. I wonder what stories HE took home to his missus. Thanks. I hope you and V are having a peaceful night. Ec

  • ;l jill


  • hahahaha good thought EC! "where have you been???" says the missus....out catting around again?"""You are going to lose your head , if you don't stop foolin around with the felines!?



  • You are a great story teller. I really can imagine you doing the rugby dive for the mouse. Hope you haven't bruised anything on the way down.

    Hurray for catheter seven!

  • Spiral,

    Can you imagine what the nurse put in her report if she got there when he was in mid air.....??? "We have medication for that...of course we would have to do a full assessment"......etc hahahha

  • Shouldn't laugh George pa but you painted such a picture I could see it happening in my own house. I've got a mouse loving cat but thankfully no cat flap so my pressies are usually left by the back door, plus the occasional rat. Hope DN sorted things for you. Marie

  • First time I ever had a cat was in Hawaii;To my shock and horror my cats hunted and left their rewards on our front step...usually without a throat...In Arkansas the mice are much smaller but no less a temptation. for our feline friends ...oh lordy...


  • Thank you for that story. Really cheered me up. Having a lousy start to Saturday and at least now I am smiling as I set off to visit Stephen. Thank you - I will tell him about this when I visit. Pauline

  • I live in a mad house as well. Thankfully dog isn't in to catching mice, well yet anyway. I'm afraid I would have let the cat catch the mouse, but it did remind me of a crazy incident in SA, when I was trying to catch one, with a pool net!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks George for the light relief cat and mouse or was it "Tom and Jerry". Hope the catheter situation settles down. Hope you and V can enjoy the sunshine and light winds today. Best wishes Tim

  • A million thanks for your story. It was great to be brought to tears...this time with laughter. It has been too long since my husband and I have shared a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, they say.

  • Fantastic! Ladies rugby team next? X

  • George. I need you !! I have a mouse which I am concealing from Chris but want to remove. I don't have a cat and can't do rugby so can I borrow you ?

  • Of course you can ,my pleasure.

  • P.S. Don't mice just come back inside if dropped outside the door ? How do you recognise a mouse ?


  • Just ask if he/she has visited before , quite simple really .If they don't answer ,speak up as they can be a little deaf .

  • To be truthful, I was jumping up and down and squealing and the mouse was frantic. There was NOT a civilised conversation. I don't know who was more traumatised - me or mousie !

  • George, I read your post to my guy today, and we got several good bouts of laughter from it. What a wonderful gift you have given us. I repeated the bit about Millie's tail going into full rotation a few times and that set us off again. So therapeutic! We couldn't believe you caught the mouse bare-handed. What reflexes you have! And what a talent for writing. Thank you so much, George, really. It was grand to hear my sweetheart laugh. Love to you, ec

  • EC I am delighted your guy was able to raise a smile and laugh it is sad that I am not able to do the same for V,but that's how the cookie crumbles I guess .Perhaps I will have to introduce him to Baldrick our next door neighbour's cat who Millie loathes but who (can you say who of a cat) insists on visiting at every available opportunity when they are away especially to sample whatever remains in her catdish.He is totally unperturbed by the sight of Mille puffed up to twice her normal size hissing ,spitting growling , at a safe distance I have to say,as he calmly finishes her meal .He then has the audcity to sit back on the kitchen floor and wash leaving Millie beside herself with rage but with not quite enough courage to engage in combat .When he is ready and not before he saunters out without a care in the world .

  • Our neighbor down the street has been adopted by a cat...He is not at all concerned by the dog who has been for 20 years. In fact the cat walks the dog with the master! I've never seen such a site. the vet says that most cats don't roam farther than 50 ft, from their house. but since this one chose them....It has it's own tendencies!


  • NannaB been thinking of you ever day, sending you and Colin a massive hug, always in my thoughts xxxxxx

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