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Nearly lost him

Monday was not a good day. It started, as usual, with Bill waking up and me getting a cup of orange juice for him. As usual he was really thirsty and tried to drink it as fast as possible. Then, without warning, he had one of his mini fits - the orange juice went the wrong way and he was choking. Panic! Phone 999. Try to keep his airway open whilst answering endless questions. Open front door. Within minutes he was whisked off to A & E and I was left to get dressed and follow behind.

At the Royal Berks after various tests they decide that he is severely dehydrated and has a bladder infection. How did that happen?

Suddenly he vomits a nasty dark brown liquid vomit. But he had not eaten anything. They clean him up but seem unphased by the colour of the vomit and move him onto the next ward. More questions. More vomit - lots this time but once again it is not considered important.

Panic again ! He has virtually no blood pressure! Drips, antibiotics, blood tests, x-rays catheters, etc.etc. Bill remains unconscious to it all. Now they reckon he has sepsis! How did THAT happen? Doctors say he probably will not get through the night! They move him to a private room. I tell the family. Bill's son and his wife drive from Leeds overnight, his stepson wants to fly down from Orkney and I stay by his bed side all night. Whatever next?!" be continued!

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Oh Katie, how frightening. As you have posted this on Wednesday, how is he now?

Sending you very large hug, thinking about you!

Lots of love


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Oh dear, very scary. Medical staff are so used to things happening and are trained to remain calm and professional so they appear unphased when in their mind they are thinking about what they have to do next. If they start to panic the patient and their family would panic as well which wouldn't help anyone.

If horrible things are happening it's probably a blessing that Bill is oblivious to it all but I 'm sorry you have to cope with it all. Whatever happens my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Sending you a great big hug.



So sorry. That is very scary. Thinking of you.


OMG!!!!!A prayer: Lord please help the medical staff do the right thing find all that is the matter, and fix it Lord. Comfort those around Bill; his wife and family. Keep them strong. and let them know You are there for them as well as Bill. Amen


Please keep us posted....did they check his lungs for particulate? He may have been aspiring things without you knowing . I don't know how they clean lungs out , but I might would ask about the brown stuff!


How frightening. Hope things are better by now.

love, Jean x


Kathie I have just seen your post,mending you a massive hug, and I am thinking of you both Yvonnexxxxx


Kathie, just saw your message- such a scary time. Praying all is well.. Much love and hugs


So sorry to hear that, sending love and prayers to you all xx


My goodness how scared for everyone. I hope that things have improved for him although it sounds a very serious situation. Xx


Praying for you and Bill from across the pond in the USA. Ketchupman


Pleased to say they have put him back on food and he has his sense of humour back.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts

Love Kathie


My prayers are with you big hugs



Hi Kathie! This just happened to my grandfather last night. Did the doctors tell you why he was throwing up dark blood?


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