Nearly lost him.......continued

I spent 2 nights at the hospital. Bills blood pressure slowly went from 53/44 to normal levels. Last night he had a little food by mouth and he was conscious and lucid. I have just woken up at home after 9 unbroken hours of sleep.

I will go in to see him ASAP and will tell you if there are any changes.

Thank you all for your good wishes and prayer.

Love and hugs


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  • Hi Kathie, glad things are moving in the right way. Also good to hear that you are taking time to get some rest! This is going to be so important, as he starts to improve and needs you more!!!

    Sending you lots of love


  • I send all my best wishes for you and your dear man. You had a close call, and I'm glad to hear you have had some rest and he has turned the corner. Take care, Easterncedar

  • Still praying for you all!

  • Glad he is improving! Continuing to pray and sending you best wishes.

  • Good news. Hope to hear more. Thoughts with you both.

    love, Jean x

  • How is everything?

  • He enjoyed his food last night (I brought him something from home) and he was laughing. The staff now say that he is getting better so we are really hopeful.

    Thank you for your concern. You have all helped me keep going.

    Love Kathie

  • Hi Kathie, that's great to hear! I agree with AVB, go home and get some much needed rest. I am sure the last few days have taken their toll on you. Sleep, sleep and just for good measure, have some more sleep. You are going to need to be well rested, for when he gets home!!!

    Lots of love


  • Good news! I'm so glad. As Heady said, do get some rest. You've had a dreadful scare. Take care of yourself, too! Love, Easterncedar

  • Good news. Remember you've had a lot of stress. Look after yourself.

    love, Jean x

  • Whew, prayer answered! Congratulations and you take care.....Now that the emergency is over you need to stay rested


  • i agreee with avb you need 2 stay rested1.

    lol JIll

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