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Me and my big mouth

Well I should have kept the good news to myself. In the post today is notice of my DLA stopping because My birthday is 4 months after April 1948 . I must apply for attendence allowance. I think I will just say Hey! What do you think I am like after having PD for over 10 years? Especially as I am caring for my husband who has CBD and you have just refused us continuing health care. Good job I do not live in the US as I might be tempted to shoot us both. Yours I suicidally K

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Can't believe you were not deemed eligible for CHC ... :(


West Berks where we live has No one on CHC! But east Berks does! Weird xx


I'm in North Hampshire .. Got it via Fareham so think all of Hampshire (and IOW) is covered by same CHC office. I'm having second knee replacement next month .. first one was in June .. and we will have another 6 weeks of live in care for Sandra who is in a hospital bed at home since April 2014 with CBD. Have never seen anybody from CHC but Community Matron and Social Worker were brilliant in putting our case forward. Don't give up.. try to get the points score increased and reviewed .. We did and were successful second time around ..keep in touch if it helps. Graham (at Odiham)


These benefits are so complicated aren't they. I heard that AA was for over 65s so when C reached that age I applied for it and was told as we had DLA, we didn't need to and we could keep getting the DLA. The rates of both are the same unless you are awarded the lowest rate of AA but you can't get a mobility vehicle with AA. It seems such a waste of time changing over.

I'm sorry you have this additional agro on top of everything else and hope there isn't a delay in getting the AA once the DLA stops.

Sending you a big hug and I'm glad we don't have easy access to guns here.


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