Incontinence - the big bane!

Hey all, I have been trying without luck yet to find where someone here wrote about a urine collection device that is like the conveen sheath, except made of rigid material and attaches with something like a strap about the middle? I can't get the condom-type to work at all, and the nurse here hasn't heard of anything like I was trying to describe. Did I imagine it? If not, can anyone help me some more information about such a thing? I'm getting pretty desperate. Oh for a night's sleep! Thanks! Easterncedar

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  • Easterncedar I found this Urox urine system, somebody said about it on the site. George has got a catheter fitted, it feels like a whole new life, no wet beds, no accidents, only when he opens it, he did have a urine infection, but he is ok, his urine is still a bit dark, keeping a eye on it.

    Still feeling tired after our horrible weekend. Love to you all.

    Yvonne xxxxxxx

  • Hi Easterncedar

    It was me that has been talking about these convenes! It is called a Pubic pressure convene. We haven't tried them at night, the nurse wanted us to get use to the device first! Also, there are problems with it leaking when lying down!

    S uses pads at night. It has taken a VERY long time, for him to accept, just lying there, peeing! Would keep getting up, only to have already used the pad. I think, it was when I crashed a few months ago, that he realised that, lack of sleep helped cause that. So now, uses the pads and I get some sleep. OK, I have to wash the sheets on the fairly regular basis!!! But not every morning.

    The convene was great to stop the endless visits to the loo. He did get very confused at times. At the moment, we haven't got any, so he is using pads again. It has been reasonable successful. We are not jumping up and down to go to the toilet. If it's convenient, he will go to the loo, but if not, he uses the pads. At the beginning, that meant clean trousers, but I think I am getting the hang of putting them on, so not so many leaks.

    Not sure which I prefer now. In some ways, I think pads are cleaner. The convene, you have to wash out every night, in the end, they got so smelly and started to leak, that I gave up and threw them away. The nurse is meant to be sending us some more, but that was a couple of weeks ago. She told me they were meant to last for 6-8 weeks, but S had had his for three months!!! Shame she didn't tell us that at the beginning. That's our wonderful NHS for you, trying to save a buck wherever they can!!!

    I really feel for you, Life is SOOOOOOOO much better, now I don't live in the loo anymore. I think the hardest part for our loved ones, is the acceptance that he can just "go". Must be extremely difficult for them.

    Best of luck!

    Lots of love


  • Hi ! I remember the post you're thinking of . Being a nurse I tried to commit it to memory before I deleted it . One of the systems he mentioned was the Afex urinary system. I looked it up on Google just to make sure that I was remembering it correctly. It's there ! Hope it or another one is the one to do the trick !

  • Thanks, everyone!

  • Remember that 10 paragraph too perfect letter about some sort of contraption. And I said it was an advertisement...that was last week or so....I'll look it up....

  • Afex External Catheter? I don't know if that's the one youre thinking of but it was by kingrose 8 days ago.....

  • I may have mentioned this before also, as my wife's urologist told me about this device, but unfortunately there is not a female version. It's called URINCare. Check out this informative video ...

  • WOW!! This Afex might just work for my husband at night. I wonder how expensive it is?

  • Thanks again, everyone. The VA palliative care nurse is now looking to see whether this is something they carry, under whatever brand name it may appear: Afex, Urox, Urinecare. Meanwhile, since a couple of my fellow countrywomen have mentioned how the VA is providing disposable supplies, I asked about that and I believe I have some bales of paper products headed our way. It will be just like Christmas. On we go!

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