My wonderful husband passed

My beautiful man person, my husband, my love passed away Wednesday Sept 30th, 2015. He was diagnosed with CBD in 2013, May and again in 2013, September. He had been expierencing symtoms since about 2011. I love him so. And i know he is at peace. Thank you guys for all the support you have given me these past 3 years. I have not posted much, but I read your posts as a sort of comfort deep in the night out here under the New Mexican stars. I thank you

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  • Jo my heart goes out to you, he sounded like a wonderful person, and he is in a better place, away from this horrible illness. Sending you a big hug. Yvonne . Keep posting xxxxx

  • I'm so sorry for your loss and pray for your comfort. I hope you have family to support you through this tough time.

  • My thoughts and love go out to you at this awful time. Please, please take your time. Grieving is a very personal and private time. Do it YOUR way, that is the right and proper way! It still will be one day at a time.

    Lots of love





  • I'm so sorry your husband has left you but as you say, he is at peace and I hope you find comfort in knowing that he is suffering no more. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you find a very special peace to carry you through the dark days ahead. May you soon find there is life after PSP and remember the years before it started more than the latter ones.

    Sending you a big hug.

    Nanna B

  • Dear JandB, My condolences go out to you and your family . May you continue to find comfort here. Like Heady said take your time and grieve at your own pace. You have begun yet again a new part of your life. there are a few others here who also are grieving. Perhaps something you experience will help them through their day and visa versa.

    God Bless You,


    He healeth the broken heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

  • May he rest in peace and may you find comfort in the fact that he suffers no more. Thinking of you at this sad time Janexx

  • So pleased you felt the need and the strength to share your sad loss with us all Thinking of you across the miles Graham (Hampshire UK)

  • Dear Joandbear,

    My heart goes out to you. my husband has CBD and was diagnosed in 2013 as your dear husband was and so with tears in my eyes,may the New Mexican stars shine down on you and give you some peace for now and happiness again someday......

    D x

  • So sorry for your loss, but as you say your husband is at peace now. You have spent the last three years looking after him and now you must look after yourself. Our thoughts are with you.

  • Jo so sorry for your loss. You have looked your wonderful husband for the last three years, now all his all his suffering is over. Please now take care of yourself.

  • So very sorry for your loss - I know how you feel as my wonderful wife passed away in June, I miss her so much but am comforted by the thought that she is at peace and not suffering any more.

  • I think I know how you feel...Madeline passed away 6 months ago and it is as hard to think about her today as if it was yesterday,but your love for him and the trip you travelled together and the immense love you had to get him through this terrible illness will get YOU through, deepest sympathy,Rollie

  • Good to hear from you Rollie. I know you must still mis your dear Madeline but I hope you have found life after PSP or will soon. Take care of yourself.


  • Hi Nana,.not really,I see no real purpose in this movie called life,hope you are ok,thank-you for your message,Rollie

  • XXXX

  • Hello Jo. I am deeply sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. Myself and my family lost my dad two years today from CBD. Its very hard to say goodbye but now I know dad is free from this debilitating illness and at peace. My thoughts and wishes are with you at this sad time.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you will be able to gain comfort from remembering the good times before CBD and be kind to yourself as you move forward from the all encompassing task of looking after your husband for the last few years.

    With very best wishes to you and your family.


  • Thinking of you. X

  • So sorry that you have suffered the loss of your beloved husband. His sufferer in is now over but it doesn't stop the sense of loss you must be feeling right at this moment. Take time to grieve and look back on the good memories you both shared. Take care now. Xx

  • I gree with what kaitebow has sia dbaove

    hug snad xx xodt you and yrs

  • So sorry for your loss. Love and prayers to you and the family xx

  • sending you big hugs - my thoughts are with you and your family


  • Sending you a very big, very long, and very tight, healing hug. My thoughts are with you through this very difficult time. We are dealing with CBD here in our family too. Its a truly awful disease. Wishing you strength and healing in the days, weeks, months ahead. We are here for you xx

  • So very sorry for your sad loss, my husband has CBD and I have just joined this forum, every one has made me feel welcome so

    If you need Someone to talk to

    If you need a listening ear

    If you need a hug or a helping hand.

    We will all be there for you

    Take care

    Love Ellie

  • my deepest sympathy to you , do take care and be kind to yourself hugs xx

  • So sorry for your loss. It is some comfort that he is free of this terrible disease and that you have done so much but dealing with the loss is so hard. We are all supporting you and I hope you have friends and family there for you. In time I hope all the good memories you shared will help to balance the more recent memories.

    love and hugs,

    Jean x

  • For six years, I cared at home for my wife with CBD, then I could not manage alone.

    She has been in a Nursing Home for the last two years..

    You have my deepest condolences.

    May your God be with you.

  • Jo, Just read your post and I am so sorry you lost the man you love. And I love how you said love not loved. Because it is not past tense. Your love for him will always be a part of you as he will always be. You sound like a amazingly loving woman. He was lucky to have found you! Just remember-NOT Gone. Just gone on ahead.

    Hugs & love

    Jayne G.

  • Sooo sorry for your loss.

    Hang on!

  • Dear Jo,

    I am so sorry to hear your sad news, your husband is now free from this horrible illness and is no longer suffering. May you find strength in the fact that you cared for him through a very difficult time, he must have felt very loved and special, remember the good times with him, not the bad....

    Thinking of you

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • Dear Jo, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I do hope you find yourself again and live a full life. I know that that disease not only robs your love one's health and life, it also claims the caregivers life as they know it. I'm kinda new here, so, I haven't followed your journey. I'm sure your husband put up a valiant fight and you were a true warrior helping him. Take the time to grieve and do it your own way. Hopefully, you will find yourself and start to live your life again.

    God bless you, your husband, and your family.

    Many ((((Hugs))))


    Gracie girl

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