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My husband has been in and out of hospital 3 times in the last 3 weeks they have now diagnosed Pneumonia. The first 2 times they said he had an infection but could'nt find it they done blood cultures chest x ray and a few other tests which did'nt show up anything each time they gave him antibiotics only for him to go downhill a few days later. Now they have said it's Pneumonia he was extremley ill i thought i was going to lose him.He seems to be picking up now thank God i dont know if its the medication he's on but he is really confused and acting quite strange the doctors said he doesnt seem confused to them.His legs have gone into the fetal position so his body is sort of twisted we are just waiting for the Neurologist to see him he has terrible pain in his legs hip and back.he has to be turned every hour.has anyone else seen these sort of symptoms. He has CBD he has been unable to walk for 2 years and he has to be propped up when sitting and he has to be hoisted as he can no longer stand.

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Sending you lots of love and big hug! Hope your husband is feeling a bit better today.

Are you getting some rest and looking after yourself? Please make sure you do, your husband will need you well rested when he comes home.

Lots of love



Hi Thank you hopefully he will be out soon .


So sorry to hear this. Hope he will pick up soon. Look after yourself, difficult as it is.

love Jean x


Sorry to hear your news, by the sound of it the hospital doctors have no idea of CBD/PSP and effect of certain common drugs on neurological conditions especially if they cross the blood/brain barrier. This is why he is confused and acting strange to you. You know him and you must insist to the doctors that he is not reacting as he should. If you have got the PSPA information give it out to the hospital professionals, If not contact PSPA for the information.

Hopefully he gets better, best wishes Tim


Every time Aunt Bev goes to the hospital for uti or what ever I always get into it with doc they try to tell me she has pneumonia and I ask does it show on the X-Ray that she has it well no then you do not know what you are talking about if they would lesson once in a while about PSP they have symtoms that are like pneumonia its not pneumonia though dont let them bully you if they dont see in in the X-ray than its PSP symtoms which are like pneumonia. They dont want her to have anything in her mouth well she hates it because the medicine she takes makes her mouth dry and her saliva is like glue she has to have something to suck on to keep her mouth moist, like ice chips or skittles. Get them out of the hospital as soon as possible they are misrable. There is nothing wrong with my aunts brain just her motor skills.

hugs kryste


I am also very sorry about husband i hope he feels better soon



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