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Post hip-replacement

The surgery was done using a spinal anaesthetic so no adverse neuro reactions and all went well. Thanks to getting everyone on board with time in a rehab center that happened as well. It was brilliant as they not only drilled J with safety techniques in every aspect, but even had speech therapy advise on voice projection and swallowing though it had nothing to do with the hip.

Over and over they stressed the need to have a gait belt and someone along side the walker.

Today was day 2 being home. I popped out for 15 minutes and in that time he went outside to weed the lawn (??!!!) and, of course, fell. The telltale dirt on his shirt and fresh cut on the elbow gave him away.

It was the crash with the heavy walker down the granite front steps that brought the neighbors running over this evening - as well as the end to the candle lit dinner on the porch on a hot summer's night. Now I have some explaining to do to the OT who arrives at 9.30 in the morning, and J's face a fairly bloody mess! But he didn't break any teeth this time. And his new hip and year-old shoulder seem none the worse for it.

My peace of mind ......... Not so much!

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Whew! This is all too familiar. I want to put a gait belt on him and have been successful a couple times. Now I just use the waist of his pants. I find as long as he is not going over, I can direct and or redirect his path by just placing my hand on his shoulder and directing it in the way it should go. A gentle push on his waist or chest keeps him from lurching forward or backward. But the gait belt is amazing....use it if you will prevent alot of falls!

I'm glad that things are going well for you and the few falls and embarrassing explanations. It didn't take long for most of the neighborhood to rescue and ask, What's happened to Bruce"...well if there's anything we can do....



Glad he is OK, only superficial damage. I can only agree with AVB I tried a gait belt well a large belt. M did not take to it but it taught me how to manage her assisted walking, holding and guiding her with a shoulder hold, and a waltz hip position. Knew those ballroom dance lessons and practices would come in handy. I am bigger than M so belt not really needed but if the patient is bigger than you the belt is essential aid until wheelchair or stedy are required. Best wishes Tim




Hi Sasha. A gait belt is a broad belt that goes round patients waist the belt has handles for the carer to hold to maintain upright position for walking. I found it was easier for me to hold M at the shoulders to help her walk, as lower hold where the gait belt was meant I had to bend. Google "gait belt" and look at some YouTube videos of use. Best wishes Tim




Oh dear. Sounds as if you are reaching the " Can't leave him for a minute stage" before something really serious happens ( my hubby fell in a pond and through the glass in our greenhouse). Baby monitors saved him many times as I would drop everything and run to steady him before he fell. Now he falls the second he is on his feet unless he has two people supporting him but he still manages to slide from his rise recliner chair if I'm not watching him, or lean right forward and fall head first. When he was mobile, if he wanted to go somewhere in the house or garden I escorted him everywhere and helped him do, or did myself, whatever he had in his mind to do.

It's hard keeping an eye on him all the time but it has saved many falls. I really appreciate the times a sitter comes in or when he is at the hospice day centre.

I'm really pleased the hip op went OK. Just hope he doesn't do any damage to it by falling over again.

I hope you are able to have many more uninterrupted candle lit dinners.



Know the feeling. S has barely any skin on his face! Fell out of the wheel chair part of his walker yesterday. Straight on to the very hard path, face first, just outside our local garden centre. We will be banned from there soon. Second time he has been put in the accident book!!!! Hey ho. Another wonderful day in the life of PSP!

Lots of love



Oh my! I'm glad the operation went well, but so sorry about your candle-lit sinner.

Looking at the other replies, I have to ask - what the heck is going on with all these falls?!! My guy fell twice yesterday! I came home from the office to make his lunch and found the kitchen awash in spilled coffee, with him standing by the stove. I tut-tutted about the mess and went for the mop, and then he said that he had fallen and hit his head, which was when I saw that he had blood running down his neck, and that some of the coffee on the floor wasn't coffee at all. It wasn't a bad cut (I am getting so blase'.) so I mopped him and the floor, changed his clothes, put a bandage on the cut and some ice on his bump, got him into the wheel chair and implored him to stay in it, made his lunch and dashed back to work. (Just 5 minutes away.) I made the mistake of calling to check on him later in the afternoon, and he picked up the phone and fell, although of course he didn't need to get up. So I ran from the office and picked him up again (oh my aching arms and back), back into the wheelchair, more ice, more mopping of blood. The kitchen floor is now quite clean.

Of course when I got home in the evening,, neither his walker nor his wheel chair was anywhere near him, and he was coming down the stairs.

Can't keep a good man down! But really - was everyone toppling over at once yesterday??!!!

Love and peace and NO MORE FALLS! Easterncedar


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