Just ben given a machine on loan which is a godsend for Steve. He has tremendous trouble coughing and when I mentioned this to the physio she arranged for this machine to be delivered. Its a machine which takes air out of the lungs and gives air back to the lungs via a tight fitting mask over the mouth and nose. No oxygen or anything pumped in - all natural. It really works. Thought I would share this with the community as finding anything to assist is wonderful.

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  • thank you for sharing Showaddy,

    I'm still not sure how or why it works and is this an exercise or does he have to wear all the time or maybe like a night? Does it do the work of the lungs?


  • Its a freestanding small machine with a hose and mouthpiece. You control how often it is used - as and when. When Steve is having problems with coughing he uses it and it helps get the cough up and the sticky mucus, It only is used for about 30 seconds which is 5 times the breath is in and out then stop. Then cough and wait till you need it again. I found that if Steve uses it every say 90 mins it just helps keep his tubes open. We have only had it since Tuesday but the benefits are wonderful already. It was provided by the sleep clinic in Leeds via a request from our community and rehabilitation lady in Huddersfield.

  • Just looked up on google - Clearway cough assistor (def a better explanation than I can give) !!

  • Thank you so it is called Clearway Cough Assistor? Get out! I am looking that up right now

    Thank You Showaddy


  • GOOD 4 U AVB



  • Wow I just read about this....My mom had COPD, and was never offered this...though she could probably cough ok...B cannot cough ok and I see that there is a sucking mode so as to help with expiration and that it helps give a greater breath in . both the inspiration and expiration are increased using htis machine thus the excretion is increased! I like it. We may have to visit a respiratory therapist before winter!!!

    Thanks again Showaddy


  • Hi thanks Showaddy, it sounds like the machine which my mum had for later stages of COPD not just air can also be used for ventalin or eucalyptus in vapour. I had forgotten it. I will check out the SALT team to see if it could be provided as sounds as though it could help relieve Margaret's cough (huffing) and choking.

    thanks again

    Best wishes Tim

  • that sounds good not being able to clear my throat a real pain

  • I AGREE ....



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