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My mother in law is short by height and has PSP,we use step stool to help her get in van ,but it's getting difficult for her to sit in van as her psp progressing .is there a machine which can raise her after she steps on it .has anyone used such thing.i cannot find it on net.

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  • Sorry, but I'm not aware of anything like that. You probably need a car especially adapted for wheelchairs. It might be worthwhile just googling, you may just come across something.

  • I am NOT promoting or advertising any products! This is just what a quick google search brought up in regards to your question.

    I don't know of the availability in your area etc so you'd need to check on that. Also this is not something that is cheap, few thousand dollars at least. Given the progression of PSP it may not even be useful for that long.

    Another option for longer term use would be getting a WAV, wheelchair accessible vehicle, or having your current van converted to a WAV.


  • Thank you Ron, this information is helpful

  • Shiv I notice nobody has replied to you which is very unusual. My husband could only use a wheelchair when he got to the stage you are talking about. There are also special cars which you push the wheelchair onto sorry again as I don't know the name of them!

    Help anyone out there? Can you tell this person what I am talking about? We never used one, so can't recall what their name is and the various manufacturers.

    Marie x

  • Sorry both I didn't see your replies! A WAV is what I was trying to explain about. Not very expertly I know! Thanks to you for replying. It came up on my screen as no replies!! It must be having an off day?

    Marie x

  • That's OK no problem. I tried as well because no one had replied, I didn't really help much.

  • Actually what you suggested is possible too. Not sure it would be any good long term though.

    Think the site is having an off day as it is still showing as no replies!!

    How are you am2015?

    Marie x

  • Hi Marie

    We're on a bit of a rollercoaster right now. The last 5 weeks have been really bad and then we have a day like yesterday that surprised us all. Mum was really alert and even spoke a little, eventhough she hadn't spoken for a while now. Unfortunately today we're back to sleeping nearly all day and unresponsive when awake.

    Don't know what to make it or all, it's just horrible in every possible way. How are you?


  • Afshan I am surviving. Good days and bad. Today is horrible as it has hardly stopped raining. It makes me feel very down when the weather is like this. It is meant to be Summer!! Goodness knows what Winter will be like?

    I am glad you had a good day with your Mum. It is a cruel disease as it gets you hoping even though you know there is no hope? Poor Mum. Give her hugs and tell her you love her as she will understand that.

    Lots of love.

    Marie x

  • You're so right, I know the trajectory that PSP will take but still fall into its trap when we had the good day.

    The weather definitely doesn't help. Hang in there, that's all we can do.

    All the best xx

  • My moms really short too and our PT/OT professionals all said to have her sit as if into a chair (back facing car), backing in essentially as I hold both hands. Don't know if this will help, but figured I'd share. Good luck!

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