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I am Mexican, mi mother had suffer psp and died en April 2014 . Today I read news about parkinson desease, I recomended read the article with link below, is wrote in spanish. The parkinson desease is part of the parkinsonism plus and psp desease too. Maybe some techniques can be used for psp. Please read it.

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No puedo leer a espanol.




I used google traslate. I hope you can read it. 😉

Microimplants titanium new method to treat Parkinson

microimplants-parkinson. A group of experts from the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM showed that by using titanium dioxide microimplants dopamine (TiO2DA), patients suffering from Parkinson's disease recover up to 85 percent.

In a press release, researcher Patricia Vergara Aragon, project participant, said microimplants were tested in an animal model, facilitating the recovery of motor function in rats with induced Parkinsonism and confined to one side of your body (hemi -parkinsonismo).

This neurodegenerative condition promotes the death of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra brain. Dopamine acts as a chemical messenger responsible for filing the communication between neurons and is responsible for the control of movement.

Disease sufferers have low levels of this neurotransmitter in the brain. The motor disturbances become more evident when 80 percent (or more) of neurons that make up the substantia nigra have degenerated.

The disease begins with the loss of smell, slight body tremors, stiffness in the middle of it, unexplained depression, small handwriting, loss of strength and clarity of speech and sleep disorders, among other signs They increase with the passage of time.

Dopamine is a chemical molecule that usually unstable oxidize easily, which is a major constraint to the development of treatments.

Today, a precursor of this molecule (L-DOPA) is used as a key; however, with the passage of time, the drug loses its effectiveness and generates adverse side effects.

In response, the research team, in collaboration with the Centre for Applied Research and Advanced Technology Legaria unit, the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), decided to encapsulate molecules of dopamine in microreservoir created through the sol-gel technique using a ceramic base.

We chose this method because it allows the neurotransmitter remain stable for long periods.

The microreservoir is implanted in the caudate nucleus area of ​​the brain which is released by diffusion, the inserted dopamine. The process occurs as follows: dopamine is stored in a thin film, which has pores nanoscale through which is released [dopamine] sites higher concentration to areas where there is less neurotransmitter amount.

"It allows the release in the caudate nucleus during the course of the life of the rat (about 2.5 years)" said university.

"It was observed that after applying the implant in hemi-parkinsonian rats, waking the surgical procedure improved the existing motor impairment, there was no tremor, rigidity and slow movements; the animal could you swim, walk and take the food to the mouth quite easily, "he said.

The researchers also conducted behavioral tests that showed adequate control of coarse and fine movements.

Parkinson's usually affects people between 50 and 60 years, but cases of very young people who began to lose the sense of smell without them realizing occur.

Therefore, the health sector should include in their basic box alternative therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage therapy, contributing to a better quality of life for these patients, experts commented.

A future collaboration of this team of researchers from the UNAM health sector experts allow you to test the effectiveness of the project in nonhuman primates and perhaps from this point, in people with Parkinson's.


Thank you....very interesting


Good Article however is it being used or still tested. And is it effective on more than Parkinsons patients? It sounds like they are concentrating on the particular type of illness that responds to dopamine infused drugs.

Thank You for your energy in considering those with PSP


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lol i;lll


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Thanks for the translation, I couldn't get Google to translate more than one sentence at a time. :)

I read somewhere today about treating classic PD with anti malaria drugs.


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