So the truth comes out

After a week of Brian sitting here with a face like a slapped backside very low in spirits so much so that i wanted to scream eventually i have cracked and had a go (such a bitch).

It turns out that his eyesight has dimmed. The way he has described it he is trying to see through a fog. And he is scared that he won't be able to see soon. Why oh why do i have to loose the plot to find out what is going on with him.

I know that there is nothing we can do about the vision but i could of been there for him and tried to reassure him. So the journey continues.


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  • Oh, that is a hard place. I have done just the same, then been set back on my heels to be told at last some silent suffering. I know how you feel, really. The fading eyesight is awful. I was going to say it's the worst thing, but with so much else being lost...

    For what it may be worth: We spend a lot of time with the ophthalmologist. One thing that has helped a bit is lubricating drops. Turns out he isn't making tears much, so focussing is really hard.

    Some days he can see, other days not much. Hard, hard, hard.

    Hang on. Ec

  • yes hang on ec thats the best piece of advice I can give you as well matey I told you a few weeks ago about my eyesight mate well my eyes have been flooding with tears and I have to prise them open I use my left hand cover over my eyes and then I lift up the eyelids to keep them open but they do close again later on mate mine is especially when im tired or maybe looking at the puter screen they go foggy and a bit blurry but it seems to pass I am not having a whinge just stating a fact mate with tears running down my face and with my arm yellow and black with a bruise I recieved after getting out of my puter chair and breaking almost all the shelves with my magic gear on I think this psp has a lot to answer for matey but soldier on someone who saw my arm said to me have you been to the drs I said no I only just came from there before I done it and as much as I like my doc but I really don't want to give him money that I have no way of getting back now I get part of it but have to pay the gap as well as the insurance premium so see yer you lovely people take care but be a bit more successful than I was I was hoping that the bike race was going to go on this month but alas it will have to be postponed time out for injury a mr c what do you reckon matey peter jones Queensland Australia

  • Oh Jane, that's terrible, you must feel awful! But at least you managed to get out of him, what was wrong. Sometimes, we just have to accept that the only way through to our loved ones, is the shouting and screaming. I expect it boosts their adrenaline, therefore can finally find those words, that couldn't come out. So stop beating yourself up. You got him to tell you what is wrong. A major achievement!!! Well Done.

    Now, you have to deal with the problem. I'm afraid I was right, a trip to the doctors, consultant, opticians, or all three!!! Eye drops might be the answer, but I would check with the "Gods" as well!!!

    Lots of love


  • Well you are there now. no sense looking backward to try to move forward. My husband has the same same same issue! Lots of things to try to help and lots of things to come.....Don't give up and don't take him to an optometrist.....If he wants to go to an eye specialist he must go to one who is experienced in abnormal eye sight.

    I'm sorry for you and more for Brian. Losing your eye sight may be, no is the worst of all the things for Bruce to be losing.......stay strong

    Do not lose your sight, keep looking for things that will help both you and Brian's future.



  • john cannot follow the TV now , he has the occasional good few hours . .

    I am always apologising to John after I have lost my patience about something he had no control over . it's so very cruel for both sufferer and carer

  • Sorry you had to find out the root of the problem this way but at least you know know and it helps you to understand him more. It seems to be more common with men to not 'come clean' as it were, guess they don't usually find talking about their feelings and loss of independence as easy as women, or am I just imagining that? Take care xxx

  • katiebow I think you have hit the nail right on the head miss katiebow

    I think you have a good point there mate peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Hi M eyes water like mad it is actually an indication that the corneas are dry so I have to torture her by forcing eye drops into her eyes she objects loudly but the drops do ease the redness round the eyes. She keeps changing glasses taking off sometimes not wanting any, it could be she cannot work out what her sight needs other than no bright lights. I will have to try and get out of M if her sight is failing.

    Thanks for the heads up Jane had not thought of sight loss/fogging hey ho another PSP hurdle. Best of luck. Tim

  • Jane, I'm your sister-bitch. I feel alone and isolated with Bear not speaking, he listens"

  • Sorry, got cut off. He "listens" to his TV programs. I bought him an electric wheel chair, but because he can no longer see he runs into everything , sometimes me if my back is turned. I lose it sometimes, from anger, frustration and sometimes I think just trying to get a rise out of him. And then we have the guilt of the explosion after, which is intense. Poor guy going through all this with a snappy wife. You are not alone.

  • Neither are you, Jo. I am just the same!!!

    Lots of love


  • Me too. X

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