Watching Wimbledon with V is an interesting experience ....... it goes something like this .

"Who is that playing ?" "That's Andy Murray " "Which one is he ?" " The one with curly hair and a big Adams Apple " - "Who is he playing ? " " Someone with a totally unpronounceable name " " How will I tell the difference ?" " Well the unpronounceable name is wearing a cap " a little later "That was an ace " " Well no it was a double fault " "Has he won ? " Who " " Who are we watching ? " Andy Murray" " Which one is he ? " ' Cap remember the cap ? " "No- what cap " " Never mind it's match point " " I need to go to the lavatory "' What this moment " " Yes " ''OK '' on return "who won ? " "I have no idea- I was with you in the loo " "I want to watch the women now " " Oh oK " " why does she keep screaming when she hits the ball- has she hurt herself ?" " Quite probably " " Why doesn't the other one scream? " "I have no idea " " Well you should have " No answer to that . "will she play Andy Murray in the next round ? " " I think that is extremely unlikely " " Perhaps she will play the man who looks as though his head has been squashed in a door " " Do you mean Djokovic " " I don't know who you mean " "well he's the man who looks as ....... never mind " " I like Pete Sampras I expect he will win he usually does " " Well think he is resting this year " " You don't know that " " well...... maybe he will come in near the end "

" I want to watch Andy Murray now " " I think that match is over " " Why didn't you tell me it was on - you know I like Andy " " Sorry I must have forgotten "

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  • Oh dear! I can relate to the loo visits. At one stage I had both my boys disappearing in different directions, the dinner needed attention. AND my glass needed refilling!!!

    Still least he won!!!

    Lots of love


  • I love your monologue interpretation! I've noticed I am using many more "never minds" in my conversations with D. Sometimes it's just easier for us AND for them.:)

  • Georgepa you never fail to make me smile!

    Thank you!!

    Pat xx

  • Sounds about like my house except it's B trying to remind and or explain to me the things necessary to appreciate sports.

  • Thank God we don't have TV - just watch DVDs.

  • George you always manage to put a smile on my face love it Yvonne xxx.

  • LOL. Id that as well as having to turn the sound down or even off to understand or hear what they are saying, I cannot hear and understand the muffled garbled voice . if I leave th room I keep going back in to tun the sound back up

  • That made me smile :) we have to smile in these moments. That brought back so many memories with me and Dad. Keep smiling Georgepa xx

  • Lol I thought it was bad in this house. I am beginning to hate the TV. He hates the adverts so we try and not watch the chanel's with adverts. Susie fowler watts on our local news gets a diluage of abuse when she appears. And as for the tennis why do they have to grunt what country are they from is he the tall one how old etc etc. I think i have looked up every tennis player in the world and yet i still can't answer his questions without the internet. Glad it's been to hot for house work. Janexx

  • Georgepa Thanks for the laugh.


  • HA HA

  • Oh Georgepa, how can something be so frustrating for the people involved but so funny for those who are not? You have made me laugh. Try to cherish those slightly "dotty" conversations though. I didn't at the time but now I'd love to have them again.

    Enjoy the rest of the tennis. I only watch the finals.


  • I can relate .

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