Music at our memorial

So, Jonathan's memorial service was on Sunday. It was a lovely day, with so many family, friends and ex-colleagues who came out to help us say good bye and send Jonathan on his way. In all, I think we had about 90 people there. Which, for a man who spent his entire adult life moving around the globe and not staying long enough to build up those close friendships we take for granted, was pretty good going. I think he would have been a little embarrassed at what he would have thought was a lot of people and a lot of fuss for little 'ol him. He was always just a humble, gentle soul.

Without going into the details of the day, I wanted to share with you all 3 pieces of music we played for him.

The first, 'The Lord Bless You and Keep You', was requested by his Mom who, sadly because of her age, was not able to travel to South Africa to join us. She and Jonathan's Dad used to sing in a choir, which is probably why this was particularly meaningful for her.

The second, 'Like I'm Gonna Lose You', is a song that came out in 2015. It would often be playing on the radio while I was putting Jonathan to bed, and we would sometimes dance to it, with him leaning his head on my shoulder, and my holding him up. The words really struck a chord with me, and would often play in my head, to remind me what was important on those days when fatigue and frustration would threaten to get the better of me. This isn't the version that was on the radio, but rather a cover version by a wonderful singer I discovered. The fact that she is of mixed Chinese/English descent make this more apt, as I am Chinese, and Jonathan was English.

The third, by Yiruma, was sent to me by a very special friend who emigrated some years ago and now lives very far away. I played it for Jonathan during his last 2 weeks with us, and it just feels like him.

I guess by sharing these with you all, it kinda feels like you all get to share, just a little bit, in Jonathan's day. And perhaps they will give you some comfort, on the days that you need it. (Warning, get the tissues ready!)

I hope you enjoy them.

Sharon xx

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  • Lovely Sawa

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I wish you and yours the very best at this time.



  • Beautiful Music Sharon. I'm glad the day was what you needed it to be. The Lord Bless you and Keep you is one of my favorites.

    God's peace to you and your family.


  • The 3rd piece by Yiruma brought tears to my eyes............... so beautiful.

  • Agreed. I absolutely love it. When I first heard it, I knew I had to play it for Jonathan.

  • Sharon

    Beautiful. I did need the tissues of course. It helped me as I am still in this bubble and can't cry.

    I am so glad Jonathan had a beautiful funeral. He sounds such a nice man.

    Marie x

  • Thanks Marie.

    I'm obviously a teeny bit biased, but he was a wonderful man.

    Crying is a wonderful release. I made everyone cry at the memorial when I played the last 2 songs, including me. I have to say it was cathartic and I can listen to these now with gentle sadness rather then the full blown tears they caused before.

    How are you holding up?

  • Sharon

    Just getting by. Not crying, just trying to convince myself it's real but of course it's not working! So don't know what is the matter with me.

    Marie x

  • Nothing wrong with you at all! It doesn't feel real to me either. I feel perfectly fine than bam! all of a sudden I'm in tears. We have been under massive strain and terrible trauma, some of us for many years. PTSD is recognised for veterans, think PPSPSD is just as real! Hang in there, and be kind to yourself.


  • Thank you, Sharon.

    Music is so important . It gets straight to our emotions.

    I'm so glad you felt the srevice and "turnout " would please Jonathan.

    Love from Jean x

  • Sharon what a lovely send off. Thinking of you. Yvonne xxxx

  • You will have lovely memories of say goodbye with such lovely and meaningful music. Xxx

  • Beautiful music Sawa, my wife and I have sung the Rutter many times in a local choir, it brought back happy memories for me.

  • Thank you, toyota11. Jonathan's parents sang in a choir got many years. I'm sure that's why she requested this piece for her son.

  • Absolutely beautiful choices of music. It must have been a very moving service. I am sure these will give you solace and healing in the sad times. I hope you will find some good joyful pieces to help lift your spirits as you journey along the tough road as well.

    Take care. Finoni

  • Dear Sharon, thank you so much for sharing part of Jonathan's memorial service. The three pieces of music are really beautiful. I sing in a choir and we sang John Rutter's piece at a music festival last year. I will definitely take heed of the words of the 2nd piece especially when frustration sets in...... the 3rd piece I found very soothing so it will be played frequently.

    Hope you are managing ok.

    Big hugs, Nanny857 xx

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