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Hi everyone headed over to Fort Bragg again Aunt Bev is so depressed I had to do something to lift her spirts she does not want to live like this anymore God it just tears at my heart the only thing I could say is I know and I dont want you to live like this either but suck it up all we can do is have hope they come up with something new everyday and all we can do is not give up there is a thousand other things I could be doing but I am here with you doing the best I can and If i am not giving up than neither can you, but to be honest with you guys not her god I would not want to live like that either I swear I would find a way to get it over with , it is so hard to watch her everyday, the only time she feels good is when I can get her in the hot tub its just me and her it takes more than that at least three people, and there is no one else, so not to ramble on but she sat out side the other day and watched me build this thing that I could hook the winch up to on my jeep and winch her in I swear I wanted to break every piece of wood I had it was so fustrating I am down to finding something strong enough to hold her safely but I did not let her see that I wanted to just say f--- it when we get back I will take a pic to show you I know it will work just got to get the nicks out Well sorry just had to let off a little steam, and yes she couldnt wait to try it , i let her but than convinced her let me try one more thing LOL she is so funny. love you guys hope every one is safe , good nite and sleep with the angels.

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I just am reading the Bible and fell /turned onto this page:

Be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart, all that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24

Everyone feels like how you are feeling , at one point or another. But may I commend you for helping your AUNT in this way. I don't know many relatives outside a spouse or a child (even a child is difficult to find) who would sacrifice as much as you are for your aunt! Your aunts depression may be reduced with antidepressants and excercise....get her muscles working just help her raise her hands and arms in the chair make them do circles and same like her feet. if she is able to walk in a walker walk her up and down the hall or some large safe place. safe muscle stimulation does alot for the brain




thank you


What a great person you are!


A winch? You are amazing. And it made us smile to think of it today. Good luck to you both. Ec


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