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We'll have a horrible day, nurse was suppose to come in today in the morning I had an appointment but canceled it, thought the nurse as more important, when it got to 12.15 I phoned them only to be told that the appointment was for wed morning, I was not very happy, so I phone the nurse from the Isobel hospice, because, she was the one that rang them on Monday, and they told her they were coming on Tuesday, she was not happy when I told her they had not come and that they were coming on wed, she rang them and rang me back saying they could come in the afternoon, I explained to her the lady from crossroads, sits with George on Tuesday afternoon, so that was my time, which I needed, so told her to leave it for Wednesday. Well while I was having lunch with my daughter the lady from crossroads, phoned me, I thought George had had an accident, she informed me that the nurse was there and she wanted to see the medication, I spoke to the nurse, told her I should be there, and she said she had been asked to come in for an emergency, I said they were suppose to come on wed morning. When I came home and the lady from crossroads left George said the nurse had looked at his bottom in front of the crossroads lady, which was very uncomfortable for him, it has been hard enough getting him to accept new people, coming in, they were suppose to be doing the CHC and a few other thing, do these people not commincate between them, I feel very upset, stressed me out more than ever. Sorry for the moan hopefully I will be able to send this Yvonne xxxxxx

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  • That's just terrible Yvonne, total lack of communication and absolutely no thought for patient and carer. I can understand your frustration. Very unethical of nurse to examine in front of a sitter also. I think I would have to carefully and politely word a letter expressing how I felt .

    Hope your week improves for you both.

  • Unacceptable. I know they have schedules and times to fit, but a client comes first - not just as a 'case' but as a person with feelings. Total disregard of respect. I agree with Gypsywoman, you need to let them know. They're supposed to help you, not to give you extra stress.

    Lieve xx

  • Yes I am not going to leave it there, George was very quiet last night, he asked to go to bed at 6.30, kept him up and tried to chat to him, but he just sat there, feel so frustrated after our long battle to get George this far, thank you for your replies, I am also going to speak to the lovely nurse at the hospice today. Love to you all Yvonne xxxxxxxx

  • The Hospice Nurse sounds the person to rely on. If you have the strength get in touch with the District Nurse Team and ask to speak to the Team leader. it is a bit scary to complain because you never know who you are going to get, but this behaviour is quite unacceptable and a good team leader would want to know that this was going on. Your strength is that you are ENTIRELY in the right. Good luck it is the last thing any of you need when you are already running on reserve. Best wishes

    Flicka x

  • It is very frustrating when you go to such lengths to put things I place with such dedication, only to be let down. I have experienced the same lack of communication and casual attitudes to appointments. If carers and everybody else has a timetable/rota, why don't Community Nurses operate with any sort of precision.. always vague about when they will visit? GB

  • hi the community matron is v good in this area and she ha smade lots of arrangements which have helpe dme a lot

    and in between her visit sia have her deputy come to see me too!so there a regood and bad things wihf the system

    ps when i had breast cancer a district nurse came to see me but did not have any dressings to change the dressing! how weird was that - the reason for her visit

    lol JIll


  • Oh Yvonne, that is NOT on! Complain to the Team leader, as someone has said and to the manager of the practice, if you can find someone higher, to them as well. Just one letter to the Team leader with copies sent to the rest! I know this just something else to do, but they can't treat people like this and get away with it. Poor George, fancy having to go through that indignity without you there to help. If it was a child, you could do them sexual abuse! In fact, why don't you accuse them of it anyway, it seems to be a buzz word at the moment!!!

    I'm afraid, I haven't had many good experiences with District nurses, from dealing with when the kids were small and a recent conversation with my local one recently!

    Don't apologise for moaning, you have EVERY right, this is just disgraceful! We have enough to put up with, without people, who are meant to help us, who WE pay their wages, treat sick people in this manner and disregard!!!

    Lots of love


  • Go to the top, whoever that person might be. That was out and out rotten.

  • lack of communication and empathy! -

    sometimes i wonder if any of these people have any common sense - they have to tick boxes and forget the whole human aspect.

    I understand your frustration especially on your afternoon off.

    hope the week gets better. big hugs from London

  • Hi all, thank you all for your replies, not going to leave it there, just waiting to see if anyone turns up today, the nurse from the hospice is in a big meeting today, but will speak to her later. I can't uderstand how they work, I think they just turn up without people knowing hoping they won't be home, never heard of this, people just coming without letting us know, they are coming. It was only the hospice nurse phoning them that I knew they were coming, morning app waiting for them to turn up, weird system, and then they don't, let's hope they turn up today, it is 10.37 no one has come, George had a bad night he is still in bed.

    Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Not only is it out of order that they think they have got the god given rite to turn up as and when they see fit they should never of exposed George in any way shape or form In front of anybody. Must admit our district nurses are a little better they do give us either a morning or afternoon apt. They can't give an excact time because they never know if they will incounter any problems. And even though they know I do Brians personal care they always ask him if its ok for me to be there. By law they have to get consent to look themselves. often laugh at that because if he said no they would be buggered because he can't stand without help so how she would manage to hold him up and drop his trousers as well. Janexx

  • Oh Yvonne how awful for you and George, it's just not fair, I would definitely complain! It's hard enough as it is having to accept help from all the strangers that arrive at your home, without that sort of hassle!

    I'm having the same problem with Keith, he has always been such a private, shy person and it's difficult for him to accept he needs help! When he was in hospital last week the nurses refused to take him to the toilet in a wheelchair because of his balance and insisted he use a bottle, they didn't respect his modesty at all and poor Keith couldn't wee!

    I would say something to them, they need to consider the patients feelings more, no wonder poor George was upset and he is the main person in all of this, he didn't ask to be ill and his dignity should be respected above all else!

    Love to you both and keep your chin up....

    Pat xx

  • The district nurse turned up today and 11.15 I must say she was lovely, I explained to her about the nurse yesterday, she said she would report it, but a letter will go out to complain about the treatment George received on Tuesday.

    They said after going through the form, George did not have enough points to get the CHC she said we could look again in 3 months, but she could not measure him for the convene (not sure how to spell it) she said someone else would have to do that. Thank you for your lovely comments. Yvonne xxxxxxxxxx

  • I wonder who they will choose to have that lovely little task witnessed!!! (Sorry George, should I have said big!!!). Good of you for complaining. Let's us know the response!

    Lots of love


  • Will do Heady hope all is well for you Yvonne. Cxxxx

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