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Hi all

I'd thought I'd post about Admiral Nurse incase you weren't aware of them. We've come across them following a referral to the memory team after Mum was in hospital in spring.

The memory team in our area are lovely but don't have much they can offer Mum as not a normal run of the mill dementia. The lady who came out said I am going to contact the dementia Admiral Nurse to see if they can support you or not. Turns out they can as I had the head of the team here today. She said the deal with dementia and rare neurological conditions.

As Mum has CBD they have even seen me as priority as they have a long waiting list. She said she has worked for 30 years in this area of health and can count on one hand how many cases of CBD she has looked after. They are there to support the carers and do so after the loved one has passed. She was a lovely woman and I ended up in tears talking about how I was feeling. She said she can refer me to get holistic treatment at home via Red Cross. Sheis going to see if she can get me some more support for time away from the home but said with all budget cuts it is so hard.

She is coming back end of month to meet Mum and then will come back to see me and how I am going forward.

She made me feel listened to and that I am not alone in this. Also suggested some groups like singing for the brain we could both go too.

The Parkinsons Nurse has been as helpful as a chocolate fireguard and Mum can't stand him so I just wanted to mention the Admiral Nurse to everyone as another avenue for support. She also suggested another care agency but isn't allowed to recommend one so was a cryptic suggestion but I got what she meant lol

Hugs to all.

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  • Wow thank you for sharing spiral!

    I'll google them

    Someone came out and listened to you? A true rarity darling, one that should be treasured x

  • Yes if she just listens to me every so often I will be happy as a pig in you know what!

  • Lol indeed I do x

  • Never heard of Admiral Nurses will look them up.

    I totally agree with your comment about Parkinson Nurses in this area there are 3. We met a really nice one early on helpful, resourceful and willing to learn about PSP but she was only covering the area while the 'chocolate teapot' was on long term illness, since her return her input has been worse than useless upsetting M both visits. The nursing home only allow her access with the DN, shows their concern. I have asked for her not to visit M unless I am there. Sorry to vent but some Nurses are very good but a few are useless.

    Anyway thanks for info on Admiral Nurses. Tim

  • Yes it is amazing how different people are doing the same job. Like night and day sometimes. There was a lady shadowing the PN at one appointment who was lovely and even said can't you do anymore to help them and he said no. Wish she was a permanent member of the team.

  • Never heard of this, I am going google them now!


    Lots of love


  • Hope it may be of some use to you.

  • Wow glad I posted about the Admiral nurse now as seems they are not well known about. X

  • I'm glad you did too!! Big thanks!! I've googled them and they are all over the uk

  • Also googled them will ring them on Monday, thank you xxxxx

  • Thank you for info. I'd never heard of them so will have a look. Good luck.

  • I'd never heard of them. Thanks for sharing.


  • Thank you for your post ... never heard of them so googling them now!

    Hugs to you too xx

  • Thanks for that info S, I will be following that up. We are very lucky as PN and SALT are lovely and get things done,nthey are partners in crime and will try to hurry help along for us if necessary. It makes such a difference when you know someone is actually trying to help you both and will pull a few strings if they can and ask how you are both doing etc. Wish everybody in the medical world had the attitude. Glad you have someone concerned about your welfare, surprising what a difference that makes.

    Love Kate xx

  • It sure does make a difference.

    I like the partners in crime you have. They sound like little gems.


  • Thank you for sharing.X

  • Hi, I did email these Admiral Nurses. Unfortunately they are only for people who were in the Armed Forces, so we don't qualify.

    Thanks anyway.

    Lots of love


  • We have no link to armed forces. Maybe different criteria in different areas. Sorry you didn't qualify.

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