Dad with psp

Dad with psp

Sorry haven't been on here for so long try to juggle work around me dad. When we went to see him the other night he was very agitated he was led in bed and his legs wouldent stop it was as if he was walking. And when the carers tried to feed him he would go blue due to all the fluid in his throat. The doc came out and inserted a syringe drive not sure what's in it as so emotional I for got. He is now very relaxed and it has dried up all the fluid in his throat which is good no more coughing he still talking but he can't have food just fluids has any body else come across the feet movement and why he can't have food thank you glyder

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  • Oh dear, how awful for you and your father. I wish I could offer something other than sympathy, but I haven't heard of the walking agitation. I assume they don't want your father to have solid food for fear of his choking, and if they've given him something that dries his throat, that might make anything other than fluids impossible for him just now? Hang on. Wishing you what comfort there can be in this hard time, Easterncedar

  • I wonder whether he would be more comfortable sitting in a recliner chair? I think some dark glasses would be helpful, and a dry mouth is no fun either, so it is important to keep the mouth moist, even if he must spit the fluid out, rather than swallowing. Is he cared for at home? My mum never had restless legs so my only suggestion is to keep moving him as regularly as possible, bed to chair, chair to loo, loo to wheelchair, wheelchair to car etc. We also did chair exercises every day, which helped keep mum as comfortable as possible. Important to understand that his intellect is unaffected by PSP. Mental stimulation and a giggle will continue to be important until the end. Best wishes.

  • gylder.. I'm having the fluid problem. was worn up coughing my slime. took me 1/2 hr, to get rid of it. you won't believe it took me a whole role of toilet paper spitting it out. I see a Dr. next Thursday so hope he will bwenable to help me. hope your dad gets bextter. gena

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