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Hi everyone...... Has any one tried male codom cathers? I am thinking of trying them on my dad to help my mother out with the constant urination and so much laundry and not to mention all the hard work. She is getting so stressed out and is very tired. I am moving in with them in about a month to help out. It is killing me to see both of them suffering with this awful psp desease.

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  • Hi we tried these for my husband and they were a godsend they saved so much washing and lifting ( he needed hoisting every time he neede the loo) unfortunately we had to have a normal catheter fitted as he was retaining urine and it was causing problems but the convene sheath was great in the interim even though they weren't sure it would be suitable as he did suffer with penile retraction, but we managed and the odd occasions it did come of were a lot less than when he didn't have it. Hope this helps our thoughts and prayers are with you all xx

  • Steve uses one and they are excellent. I use them at night and he stands up to use it and so I am only awake for a short time and I can get straight back to sleep as it only takes 2 mins to use. It is a lot better than a bottle as quicker to use. We still have accidents if he doesn't wake up quickly enough but it has made a huge difference to my life. Hope you find a solution to the problem

  • As the others have said, they are a God send. A bag is strapped to the leg so that has to be emptied regularly by opening the tap. At night a larger bag is attached so my husband doesn't have to get out of bed. He knows when he wants to go but I can't hoist him out of his chair in time so now he just goes. It's brilliant when we are out or when we have visitors as it is so discreet. We have had a few accidents; when I forgot to empty the bag it back flowed out of the top and a couple of times I have forgotten to close the tap so we have had a few wet moments but nothing like the ones we had before the convene.

  • Hi my husband wore them very good but I used to have to use a little tape around the top they were a god send

  • Hi

    My husband tried to use the convenes but they wouldn't stay on....he sometimes has penile retraction, so we now use pads which have saved me getting up in the night umpteen times and also he is becoming incontinent slowly but surely so doesn't always know when he wants to go.

    Good luck with the conveens, as most people say they are a godsend.


  • Dad had one of these fitted when he was in hospital for his final six weeks with his several bouts of pneumonia-such a shame we never got to find out about them till the very end of the disease-they were brilliant for him as he didn't have accidents and just felt so comfortable with them. Without them he had such a lot of accidents and embarrassment bless him-definitely worth it all round.

  • Yes we used them for about three years. Works best with a leg bag. You may want to shave the pubic hairs so it doesn't hurt when you take them off .

  • Used them for my husband during the night and the day if I went out . Not suitable now because retraction .

    now use pads , like other not incontinemt but immobile .

    I have all got a pubic pressure gadget ,,,,!! this attached to a bag . so during the day I will use this if he hang a old it can be used while sitting in chair by reclining up chair guest . Can b a bit hit and miss sometime . Depending on retraction. It's a dam nuisance isn't it lol.. worth a look at

  • It's called a pubic pressure urinal . It come with straps to go round the waist . That part didn't work for my husband I attach it for him. What we do for love

  • My father is using them for more than 4 years. Some brands might fit better. We use Hollister for the condom and Coloplast for the leg bag (flexible tube). We also used it for the nights (with special bed bags). However, it might create eczema when used constantly. That's why we olly use the condom during daytime. Colopast also has a 'second skin' spray to stick the condom better. In our region, these products are for free and paid by the social security because PSP is considered to be a chronical disease.

  • My husband who is totally incontinent due to surgeries to remove scar tissue from radiation for his prostate cancer. He has been using the condom catheters for 3 years. He initially used the Rochester Style 3 with wide band. This worked extremely well and allowed him to stay active. Sizing presented problems as his medications shrunk his anatomy. We discover the Liberty External Catheter which is a great improvement on all the other condom catheters he has used. It is much easier to use and usually stays on for 24 hours. The manufacturer (BioDerm) provides many helpful videos on incontinence and the use of the Liberty. They also have 2 nurses who advise patients. Problems include: must be totally dry to apply (learned to use penile clamp on advice of the nurse), must follow directions carefully, couldn't get it to adhere when hospitalized. It comes in one size fits all and Medicare does cover the cost. We have had several leakage accidents and as shrinkage continues, it seems to happen more frequently and unpredictably. If anyone has discovered anything else that works, we'd appreciate hearing about it.

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