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Paying it forward

As a Life Coach I often run workshops at a local retreat particularly "mood board" workshops. This is where you cut pictures & words out of magazines that grab your attention and then create a board or sheet of images and words that appeal to you.

9 times out of 10, the images show up things that maybe you are aspiring to, things that make your heart soar OR show you the things that are lacking attention in your life and it can be a very emotional experience.

Where did I learn to do this? My wonderful Mum of course. My brother and I would often come home to find our own personal board on the cork board in our kitchen with images to inspire us, to cheer us on - they were wonderful. I've even got photos of the one Mum did for me when I was doing my O'Levels.

Standing up infront of a group explaining my passion for mood boards and where it comes from does bring a lump to my throat especially as the last one I had done was before her diagnosis and there were lots of pictures of Mum and words that were hopeful she'd get better....HOWEVER, how lovely to be able to pay forward the gift my Mum has given me and I will continue to do this and be very proud xx

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What a lovely mum you have to take the time to do this for you. What lovely memories you have also. PSP can't take them away from you.

Thank you for sharing that with us.



What a nice story yu have shared Always so much gained by paying it Forward I find. Most times the return from paying it forward is so rewarding we need to just help each other all we can !!!!!!!!!


exactly my sentiments ,. friends tell me how Wonderful , Marvellous I am !!!!!!! , I tell them O am only doing what Thousands of other people are doing all over the world , I get tired and say to myself this is all too much I rant and rave even on occasions .

my theme songs have been IF I CAN HELP SOMEBODY AS I pass this way then my living has not been in Vane and Always look on the bright side of life dadadadadadadadada.

I have been helping family and friends as a matter of course all my life what more reward can you get from that , other than now the time has come when I need more support which comes from the most many new friends most of the older ones are no longer with us , I Accept with grace know that the other person must feel the same . .


Whenever I have managed to help someone in need and they have said, how can I repay you? I always answer, hopefully, I will never need your help, but make sure you help someone else, in a similar suitation! Nice to think they have!

Lots of love



Thank you for this idea.


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