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Happy valentines

As I was growing up I always wanted lots of cards on valentines day. As I grew older I went through the stages of being happy because I had that special person sending me a card then comes the time that I thought it was a money making con playing on our emotions. even though I've not had a card or gift for several years I felt a bit down because I knew I wasn't getting one this year. Brian was unaware that it was valentines day till the carer mentioned it this morning and it broke my heart to see him crying because he hadn't been able to get me something. I said thats ok and said I don't need a card or flowers to know that you love me because you tell me everyday.

Happy valentines day. Janexx

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hi issy girl a very happy valentines day from brian sorry mate but its the best i can do \\\\\

take care regards to brian mate peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer sorry about your name mate but the letter I wanted does not work on my old puter mate between L and X


I recycled cards we gave each other 3 years ago. I read the words to Colin and his message to me. His thumbs went up and he said, "Same now".

I hated Valentines day when I was young as I never received any cards ( do I hear violins). The first card I received was when I was 19, sent to me by this lovely man I married 2 years later, 42 years ago. That card is still somewhere in the loft. I couldn't throw it out as it is a padded one and arrived by post in a box. Tonight I am cooking his favourite meal, Coq au vin, which will have to be liquidised for him and I will have to finish the bottle of wine. Well I don't want it to go off do I?

I hope you have a good day and as you say, it doesn't matter about cards and gifts when you know you love each other. I tell my boys not to bother with Mother's Day cards. I see them all regularly and they always kiss me on arriving and leaving and tell me they love me after every phone call so I'd rather it that way than a lovely card and little contact the rest of the year.





Hi Jane, very sad, but equally, very sweet. What's Valentines Day for, but to know that the special person in your life, loves you. Brian, with his tears, has told you that, far better than any card or present. I hope you have managed to get that across to him!

Me, well, the same as happened, that it has for the last ???? Years, he put a card and half dead roses in the shopping trolley, as we went around Tescos!!! Card still waiting to be written, flowers, I changed for some nicer looking red roses and look very nice! Hey ho!

Lots of love



Just remember Al of your past valentines, it is heartbreaking, this morning my hubby actually brought me a cup of tea in bed, that to me is just so wonderful, he has tried so hard to do that, breaks my heart xxx

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Happy valentines day to all you lovely people Yvonne cxxxxx


Thank you x


...and to you both,for the past 5 years we have treated every holiday and birthday as just another day,it,s simpler for Madelline,I get flowers a few times a month...again,have a good day,Rollie


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