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50 years of PSP research

A few months ago (October 2014) a syllabus was drawn up to teach health professionals about PSP and the progress made in 50 years since the disease was described by the three doctors, Steele-Richardson-Olszewski. (John Steele is still alive).

While most of the information in the 100 pages is too technical for most readers, there are some interesting bits. The chapter on Palliative care is worth a read.

Sadly, the conclusion for management of PSP with all the medications over 50 years is not encouraging. It states " Drug treatments are of limited benefit for most symptoms".

However, some good work is being made in understanding the genetics and mechanisms associated with neuron death, along with innovative research drugs.

The link is as follows:

If the link does not work (being too long) please Google 50 years of 'progressive supranuclear palsy syllabus'.



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Thank you for taking the time to post this. All very interesting and worth a read. Maybe I'll send copies to my favorite neurologists...tee hee,



johns Parkinsons nurse called on us yesterday , that doesn't hppn very often !! She is a very busy lady I know . told me they are doing some very exciting research into THE GUT in Parkinsons and other neurological illness . she was quite upbeat about it .

thank you I will read your link , As you say it can be very technical but can sometimes get the gist


Thanks for posting. I've forwarded it to my PSP group here in Central Florida. Jimbo

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Thanks, Strelley. I didn't see this post until today, and am glad to have the information.


Thanks Strelley "T"

I appreciate the link. I enjoy your posts!



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