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Is it time??

My dad was fitted the peg few months back and post that his condition has detail rated quite a bit. He has had a lot of cough congestion and he looks thinner every time. At times he also used to throw up his feeds. Since yesterday, he has stopped allowing us to use suction and also refuses to be hospitalized. This is the first time he has strongly refused anything and made his point so of course we are not going to go against his wish. It's hard to see him like this and not able to ease his suffering. The good part is we celebrated his 73rd birthday on december z22 with all his brothers and sisters and it was an amazing time he had that day.

I hope everyone had happy holidays and truly hope that the coming year is filled with better days!!

best wishes for the new year in advance!!

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Hi msamaya Sorry your dad is having a tough time. You just never know with PSP. My mum had a blip recently where she stopped communicating and just held food in her mouth. Amazingly after a couple of weeks she rallied. I hope yours is just a blip too. If not take comfort knowing you are doing what he wants you to do. Good luck


yeah it looks like it was.. he has been put on oxygen though now and seems better! thanks for the reply and wishes!


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