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Gallstones and nafld

Hi all,

Merry Xmas to all and hoping you all have the bestest Christmass ever.

I am new here nervous scared and confused lol.

Just found out I have gallbladder disease ? With 2 large stones 1.9 centimetres,

After going to gp after having some kind of pain attack that I thought was going to kill me ?

Went on for 9 hours of ouch.

Sent for ultrasound , then told about the stones.

At gp surgery the very next day.but also was told I have nafld, fatty liver ? Wow what a shock that was as I don't drink.

Told to go on low fat diet , so have done my best ,sent to a general surgen, to have gallbladder removed on 8th dec only to get a letter saying it's cancelled.

Good, as I don't know if I want it or could go through with it anyway.

To be given a consultation on the 3rd dec. Where I was told, the surgery has been cancelled as a result of my worrying weight loss of two and a half stone in 5 weeks ?

And that an MRI and ct scan was now needed first to rule out other things suspected ?

Before going ahead with gallbladder surgery ?

Very confused frightened man here now !!!

Any help advice would be fab.

Merry crimbo to all.

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Hi Andy6666

It looks like you are on the wrong forum. This one is mainly for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Corticobasal Degeneration. You need to join another forum like "The British Liver Trust"

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease is not uncommon in countries where high fat diets are consumed. A low fat diet will not cure it but it will slow it's progress. Many NAFLD sufferers have no symptoms or problems. I guess the doctors are interested in other liver/biliary problems and that is why they want an MRI. I think they'll perform a MRCP (a type of MRI that looks at the biliary tree). However, I would have thought they might perform (a more invasive study) called an Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreotography procedure that would remove any stones and then look at further problems existing in the biliary tree area. However, with an MRI or CT scan, they will want to rule out cirrhosis, and any cholangitis type diseases and perhaps cancers. Sounds scary, but better to know as soon as possible so that effective treatment or management can take place. (Gall bladder removal has a good success rate with minimal follow up side effects).

All the best.


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Sympathy to you, I had a gallstone a few years ago which caused a blockage and terrible pain.We were told it was likely cancer.Then after more scans I had a phone call to say no it was a gallstone here I am six years on absolutely fine still with a gall bladder, really hope it will be the same for you.


Andy, Don't know your age but being "put under" with anesthesia is not recommended for the elderly. Sometimes they don't get back mentally to where they were before surgery. If unavoidable then go ahead but if even slightly another possibility don't do it. Not a medic but have a brother who is an anesthesiologist. Jimbo


Google elderly and anesthesia. Jimbo


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