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Daily living

So frustrating! G is a smart man and sometimes that can be good and at others down right bad. We've both been sick since thanksgiving. We've had the norro-virus. Started feeling better from that on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we both started with an upper respiratory virus. Not fun. Needless to say, g's been very weak. His gait already unsteady has become increasingly so. He has walked, bumped, or tripped over anything and everything. Tonight I wanted to go to bed early. He wanted to watch the news. A compromise. ..we'll tape it. Now I set it to record, go to turn out the light and ask g to stay still right where he is for a matter of however long it takes me to turn on the overhead light in the next room, but nooooo he can't do that. He has to follow me, with the dog walking around in front of him. ..IN THE DARK!! ARGH! When I asked him why he didn't stand there? His reply, "I could see just fine" ....as he bumps into the door frame of the bathroom. :-/

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Btw....guess who's sleeping and who's not...lol


Can totally relate to the 'not staying put' element in this. I am also having same problem with Chris who will not stay put even when to move can be really dangerous for him. Soooooo frustrating. But he says he doesn't know why he moves when asked to stay put and I do believe him - but that doesn't stop me shouting in frustration when his move results in yet another fall/broken furniture or, as last night, my getting soaked with shower head which he was holding at the time. Still we plod on....


What happened to the early days when only love was blind !!! HA !


a god one Rollie

how r YOU and MADELINE??

i left a Yorkshire joke on tHe onlein party post which we had on SATURDAY PM






Oh that is JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND...!!! Just STAY!!! I tell him, just for a second...and he is off trotting behind me with our 3 dogs behind him. I understand his fear but it is so annoying and frustrating. I am no saint and there is no possibility of my being calm and rational 24/7, especially towards the end of the day. Good luck,


Costa Rica


Oh my, don't I feel this one!! And it's so hard not to sound angry when I'm so wound up with fear for him. I'm trying to dial down my tone, especially since he's told me in just so many words that there is nothing I can say, no tone of voice I can use, that will get through to him when he's going off on something, so I might as well just calm down and wait to pick up the pieces.

Easier said than done!


Colin said something similar to me last year and the scary thing is, I think I subconsciously took notice. The worse occasion was when he fell downstairs head first from top to bottom in the early hours of the morning. I awoke to thump thump thump and Oh! Oh! Oh!. I jumped out of bed and saw him lying on the parquet floor at the bottom of the stairs. He was almost in the recovery position with blood from under his head flowing in a stream across the floor. The scariest thing for me was that I didn't panic. I just thought to myself, it looks like a scene from CSI. I actually calmly asked him if he was alive. He said yes so I dialled 999. When we got back from hospital, 8 stitches and many hours later, ( amazingly no broken bones), it hit me but not in a panicky way. I just thought things through and think I became resigned to the fact that falling is inevitable and there is nothing I can do about it. I had locked the bedroom door, tied a frog that croaks on movement to the handle, put a sensor light on the floor so I would wake up if he got out of bed ( we were sleeping together) but as I was permanently tired at the time, nothing worked. I had done all I could to protect him other than handcuff him to the bed ( for safety's sake only of course!). Sadly his mobility has greatly deteriorated now. He still falls however but not so spectacularly. He puts his chair in the raised position and falls whilst trying to stand. Last week I was on the phone and took my eyes off the monitor for a few seconds to look at the calendar to make an appointment. I looked back and the chair was empty. Another 999 call as his neck was in a strange position so I didn't want to move him but apart from a large bruise on his cheek and a black eye, he was OK.

I suppose all we can do is make the house as safe as possible and hope/pray they don't hurt themselves too much.

Wishing you and yours a safe, upright day.

Nanna B

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One of the most maddening parts about all this if he doesn't listen and ends up on the floor , I can't pick him up. However, the other day he started to fall and I told him to stand as I was lifting. He started to tell me he was trying but before he could finish I yelled at him to just do it, and he did. Later he said that my fussing and yelling at him just made matters worse. I try not to yell but as all that adrenaline is surging while I am trying to pick up 185lb I can't help it. He just doesn't think that I should fuss.


Oh my, don't we all relate to this. UK guys, there was a dog handler that use to teach our dogs to sit. Can't remember her name, but I often feel like her, telling S to sit, stand, stay still, anything, so I can get myself into a safe postion to help him!

Lots of love



hi ALL

I knwo how feel i do jeu the tsmae and will not stay put sititng or lyirgn down when told to do - it is my now restless nature with htsi PSP and i cannnot rest at all or relax-

i think of something to do and try to do it rand fall ov er trying to get somewhere in th e apartment - it drives my partner mad as i kjnwo he is worried and hates th e sound of my crashing down on to the floor- btu i canont help it - i tis not my fault i always say

then whose fault is it ?ne replies

i do not mind being on my own in t he afternoons at the moment but there will come a time i know when i need someone with em all the time

lol jill

hugs nad xx to you


Sadly, it all sounds way to familiar...


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