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Care times

We have just been offered some care from a company called care UK. And the times they have said they can do is 10am for getting up and then 8pm for going to bed. Am I being unreasonable when I say that the times are not acceptable the longer Brian is left in bed the stiffer he is. My goodness some days he is up about 5am or agitated to go to bed at half five. I know we have got to have a compromise but I think its a compromise to far. Janexx

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Hi Jane, can't believe they can't get you an early time, they start at about 7.30, not everyone wants to get up early! But not surprised, my Mum's care package as come through, she has Alzheimers, they are calling in at 11.45 to make sure she has taken her, first thing in the morning pills!!! Now Mum would prefer a late visit, but not that late!

Nobody can win, can they?

Another wonderful day with the NHS/SS and the polictians want to save it's! I'd nuke the lot and start again!

Lots of love



Heady I am still gobsmacked that they think it's ok to leave someone in bed for 14 hours. He only sleeps about 4/5 hours at nighr anyway so when he starts getting agitated about four or five in the morning to get up I've got to tell him that he has got to wait till 10 if they running to time its a joke. And being as I leave home at approx 9:30-9:45 & return about 11:15 I will be worrying the whole time not knowing if they have turned up or not. Janexx


They were the times my dad was given and we could only change if he had an early appointment. We use a different company for my husband and they give us what we want. I'd ask again or seek out another company. If SS are involved and the times can't be changed, speak to them.

Good luck.

Nanna B

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NannaB I'm afraid I have told them that the night visit time is ok but no way is 10am good enough. Since he has finished this course of antibiotics he seems a bit more manageable so I will carry on untill we can get more suitable times. Makes me laugh because of health and safty he needs 2 carer's but I can mostly manage him on my own. Lets hope there is a company that can take us on at more suitable times.

until then it's just the two of us. Janexx


Hi Jane know what you mean social services came to Jim at 10.30 when he was up at 8.30 ish. So I had to tell them they were not working for us and no longer required. They came back to me and said they can give me an early time but I would need a hoist because. he has a problem getting out of bed. I advertised and got a n.a. who retired from N.H.S. she is fab does 9.00 Monday-Friday and will try and do more hours during the day if I need it. I hope you can find an answer soon as it's to much for you alone. I am very stubborn a nd thing I can manage with out all the do folders but there are some out that will be able to help you. Did they sort the funding out for you hopefully it was a good result for you. Look after yourself. Love Denise.x


At the moment we are still waiting for the assessment for funding. If I could afford it I would go and find someone to do it privately. But after having a quote of £270 a week we couldn't afford to get a private company in. Janexx


Care companies do have difficulties with the getting up and the going to bed times because of staff shortages. Sometimes it is possible to accept the times they give you with the proviso that as soon as a better slot becomes available then you can have it.

It's worth asking.

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We have been having carers morning and night to get in and out of bed mainly .

A when we first started my husband was not good at all and I would be pulling my hair out waiting for them to hell .sometimes they would turn up at 11am . Instead of being helpful the stress made both of us worse. .

nagged and nagged and have better times eventually ,

We have been having them for 18 months now and up to date we have seen 92 different carers come through the door . Many have since finished . Not because they don't like the job because they all tell me how much they love being caring . It's start at the top and how it is organised .

The zero hour contract is the biggest problem though because they do not feel valued and they don't give them tpregular hours . After all everyone goes to work to earn money .

aut drives me crackers waiting to see who turns up .


Hi Jane -

As NannaB says, you can ask for a different company - we had to at one stage, as all the "good" carers were leaving to go to a different agency in King's Lynn. (I believe whoever allocates your care is supposed to give an equal number of cases to each of the agencies.)

Here in Norfolk, Care UK have just been hauled over the coals for not fulfilling their contracts properly due to "lack of staff" so they are being watched closely.

Best of luck, and persevere with the assessment.



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