Care pathway ????

Hi does anyone know what a care pathway is?

My husband is in hospital again with another infection of unknown origin.

He was in hospital a week ago with UTI the doctor discharged him 2 days later with loads of antibiotics even though his urine was very dark and had blood clots in it and that he was very confused he said he was medically fit !!!!.

After being home for 4 days my husband started to get worse he ended up being totally unresponsive it scared the life out of me i thought he was going to die he was again taken to hospital where he still is and now is totally confused he is talking about people who have long since died saying they have visited him. He said he had to chase someone who was throwing stones at the windows.The hospital have stopped his antibiotics when i asked why they said the infection has cleared up but his white blood cell count is high so they are going to do some more tests.

I was looking through his notes and noticed that he has a care pathway in place its never been in his notes before,Also when the ambulance turned up they asked if he had a DNR in place i said no he said i should think about getting one. Is there something i am not being told ???

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  • My husband has had a DNR in place for nearly two years. At that time he was "healthy", semi mobile, speaking etc. There was no fear of imminent death. I think the professionals like it in place just in case. They don't want to do anything against the patient's wishes such as attempting to restart the heart. I usually take C to the daycare centre every week but on the occasion that he had to be collected, the DNR form had to go with him. If C's heart stops, he doesn't want attempts to restart it. It's a good idea to have one to save possible confusion

    Your husband is not a well man but if tests are being carried out, his current symptoms may be able to be kept in check. I would ask about the care pathway. In general I think it is just a way the different professionals involved agree on treatment and for how long the treatment will be continued for. Don't worry about it alone. Ask.

    I hope you find him improved very soon.


  • What NannaB said!


  • Hi hun from my limited knowledge i do believe it is the all about palative care. Makeing hubby comfortable etc.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Janexx

  • Nellie I hope your husband is home soon, thinking of you. The nurse from Isobel hospice came and brought George a bottle, message in a bottle, with form, with different things on it, she put it in the fridge, green sticker on the front door, and one on the fridge door. Has anybody else got this? Not sure what pathway care is, but I think NannaB and Jane are right about the meaning. NannaB how is Colin? Sending you all a big hug. Also our prayers are with you. Yvonne xxxx

  • Yvonne we have both got a message in a bottle in the fridge. We picked ours up at the gp surgery. Thought it would be best to make sure that we were both covered in case of emergency. It's ok them knowing all about Brian but if i needed help they would need to know all the necessary. So try and get one for yourself and fill out the form with the imformation the emergency services would need to know. Janexx

  • Jane good idea, will speak to the hospice our doctor and get one xxxx.

  • My hubby has a pathway of care it's a form that we filled in with the palliative care nurse stating what treatment and where he wanted to be treated, we all sat down together and disscussed it at length first, we also had a DNAR put in place at the same time as has been said previously just to stop any confussion. Hope this helps.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you both xx

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