Hubby asleep so at last I had time to go to the toilet. Glanced in the mirror and realised I hadn't brushed my hair this morning and it's now 10.45. There was a comb on the window sill so I titivated my greying locks and sprayed with hair spray.......no I didn't. It was "Cosy Apple and Cinnamon Limited Edition, Glade air and fabric freshener".

Hey ho. Another day in the mad house x

Nanna B

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  • ar t least we can laugh can we not nanna b


    lol Jill


  • Thank goodness we can Jill x

  • Oh Nanna B, like Shasha says, you are a real breath of fresh air. Your antics always make me giggle. Hope you can to! Still I suppose if it was a bad day, they would be carting you off in that white jacket, instead of you posting on here!!! I know many times, if I done that, it would have been the end! Why is it, some days you can cope with everything the world and PSP throw at you, but others, nothing works, everything you touch, breaks, drops on the floor or you can't find, nobody will help, everything is too much trouble, or not their job. Yet the next day, even the doctors receptionist goes out of her way to be helpful!!! YES, that actually happened to me on Friday, still reeling!!!

    Lots of love


  • Weird isn't it. I'm quite a chilled out person usually but always seem to have the days you described when I'm trying to get out , with or without Colin. If we have an appointment or deadline, something always happens to delay us, usually my darling husband deciding now is the time to sit on the toilet after leaving the house and getting into the car. By the time I've got him back into the house, struggled to get him on the toilet, waited for half and hour, cleaned him up, back in wheelchair, back out the back door, into the car, chair strapped in etc etc, I'm exhausted and my nice, calm, personer has disappeared completely. Someone once told me if we didn't have any horrible, stressful times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. I'm sure we could all prove her wrong if we had the chance.

    Sunday night again. I hope you have as good a week as is possible.

    Nanna B

  • The male character never leaves these men, does it?!!! Mine always has to go to the loo at the most inconvenient time, always did, no doubt always will!!!

    Hopefully, next week will be calm and stress free. Fly out to South Africa on Tuesday. I think I am in control, but not banking on it, I'm sure something will put me in a spin. Looking forward to that Luke warm glass of bubbly on the plane!!!

    Hope your hair has survived, maybe you have found a new product!!!

    Lots of love


  • South Africa! You are brave. Is your husband going as well? I took mine to Boscombe from Kent earlier this month and thought that was hard enough. I hope you have a wonderful time and do get some rest. Enjoy the bubbly.

    I had to wash my hair, couldn't stand the smell. A friend turned up unexpectedly this afternoon and before even saying hello, commented on how nice my hair looked. So I may have discovered a new product after all.

    Have fun.

    Nanna B

    PS. Think I've discovered a new drink as well. I just put a heaped spoonful of Horlicks into my coffee cup, after putting in the instant decafe. Being a skinflint I couldn't bring myself to throw it away and start again. It tastes quite nice, weird but nice.


  • Years behind the loop, S loves Horlicks mixed with hot chocolate. Once when travelling in Pakistan, had instant coffee mixed with green tea! That had to returned!!!

    Thanks for your good wishes, S is doing very well at the moment, touchwood! Especially, with the thought of some hot sun on his body, bright light for his eyes and decent white wine in his stomach!

    Lots of love


  • Nanna B. at least your hair smells good. I just had a shock when I looked in the mirror as well:)

  • O Nanna are you sure you aren't talking about me. . Often it's lunchtime and feeling stressed happen to look in the mirror , not something that happens often lol.

    I realise I that six hours later I haven't gone back upstairs to the bed which I had ROLLED out of . I did have a wee on th way down .

    Inhabit washed or combed my hair . I joking tell my husband that he is sat there washed toilette and groomed , WITH HIS TOP HAT ON !! that bits not true , and I am looking like a !!!!!!! .

    I tell him to give me ten minutes while I see to myself and Sod's law he needs the toilet again . When I evually do sort myself out I realise the wasing machine has not been turned on the cup of tea O had made is stilling sitting in the cup cold and I haven't taken anything out of the freezer ready for dinner . Whoops O am late with his next tablet .

  • Well you are definitely talking about me! I can relate to everything you said and it did make me laugh. This morning I asked my husband what it was like to have a personal dresser as he sat in his chair looking very smart, teeth sparkling and hair well groomed. He laughed and put both thumbs up. The other day my sister in law was following me to my bedroom while we were talking. I told her to stay downstairs as I hadn't made the bed yet (I didn't tell her the rest of the room looked as if it had been burgled). She said, " why not, it doesn't take much making with a duvet".

    Better go and get something out of the freezer for tonight. Thanks for reminding me. X

    Nanna B


  • lol I am off out for two hours . the house is like a bomb site very often . Never mind we are still together that's all that counts . the things around the is only STUFFF .. some you can't live without but others can go to the tip now as far as I am concerns x

  • I filled a big bag with decent stuff that Colin no longer uses/wears today and it was collected at the door. It was for Shelter and I know it is a genuine collection as they take nic nacks as well. I saw the van driver and he gave me another bag an a leaflet telling me future dates at 6 week intervals. Very handy.

    In the sentence above I left the d off and. I can't get the curser in the space to add it and have to delete everything after it until the curser is after the an. Have I done something to my IPad as I always used to be able to tap and the curser would move, or is it this website. Any idea?

    Nanna B

  • It happens to me lately as well you are unable to add unless you undo everything else first .

  • is it since it has recently been updated maybe . I am not sure

  • big hugs I will come over and make you a cuppa if you will return the offer sometime lolxx

  • I bet your hair smells really good though!! : )


  • Sounds like my house. I am sitting at the computer with uncombed everything in a cowboy hat to cover my hair, with old sweatpants, and men's old jacket with flip flops for shoes wondering how this all happened. Yesterday I took a shower with my glasses on.....My husband is walking around in his underpants with shoes on the wrong feet, outside "gardening" i.e. pulling up plants by the roots.


  • You couldn't make it up could you .,,!!

  • Anyone keeping notes for the book they are going to write?

  • Wish I was that creative..I think there's money in that. The part about his "gardening" is particularly troublesome because he brings all the broken, now dead or dying bodies of the once thriving plants into the house and I find the poor things on chairs, in the sink, on my bed, on the stove, in the toilet...you get the picture.

    He is continually restless and agitated so I don't interrupt this work it beats him following me, right behind my back, around the house, repeatedly asking "what? what?" and "When will we go?" "when will we leave already?" Of course we are at home and not going anywhere and if we do go somewhere he continues asking "When will we leave already?".

  • Oh dear! Poor plants and not much fun for you either, clearing up the mess. My husband didn't pull plants up, he pruned. I eventually had to hide the shears and pruners as everything was being cut to the ground. I was also very worried he would fall on the blades. One day there was a terrible crash, he was hanging through the side of the greenhouse, shards of glass pointing down towards his neck and others pointing up towards his back. He was hanging onto the frame having fallen backwards. I grabbed his clothes and pulled, nearly pulling us both into the opposite panes. He had one tiny surface scratch on his back. The greenhouse was fenced off and I believed him when he said he wouldn't go near it. Another day he fell backwards into the pond, tadpoles swimming round his ears. His legs were hanging over the wall which he was clinging on to. If he had let go he would have gone under. I had to run for a neighbour to help me get him out. In the greenhouse and in the pond he was laughing. After that I had to lock the doors and only let him out with me there. Unfortunately he can't walk alone now which is very sad and hard for me to get him about but I no longer have to worry about garden accidents.

    Hope today is a good one for both of you.

    Nanna B

  • Nanna , I wouldn't manage without the help of portable ceiling hoists , we have one over his armchair the other over the bed . Although they are intrusive to be honest I don't really notice them now they are part of the ornaments it more useful .

    I can manage them on my own , getting him out of bed into the wheelchair then back into his armchair , visa versa or onto the wheelie commode chair .

    The aids are our ornaments now but more useful .

    I would never manage without them now

    Like you Nanna I use to pull and push then nearly collapse under his weight and both fall . It never did happen but goodness know we were lucky .

    On a few occasions I had to call for help twice happened and was lucky the post,an was in the area and very kindly help lift him when he slipped underneath the dressing table when getting out of bed . He even came back and left me his name and telephone No.

    another time he insisted could walk back and from the surgery when his knees gave way and once again a postman was close , he came along with another man and carried him the rest of the way home .

    Thankfully he hasnt dementia and when I asked him not to try and get out of his chair if I wasn't in the room or out he would stay put .

  • Yes I think it won't be long before I have to use a hoist of some sort and the ceiling ones don't take up as much room as the great hearty metal ones. At the moment he can weight bare so using the rise recliner chair and a walker for balance, I can get him from one chair to another. If he is tired it is harder but at night he has a carer so we put him to bed together. The same in the morning. Last week the carer decided to get him up early before I came downstairs. She wheeled him into the the wet room and showered him, dried and dressed him then stood him up to pull his trousers up. That's when she came running upstairs to call me. I have a Manger Elk so we managed to sit him on it and pump the Elk up to a height he could stand from.

    I've just read this through and hearty in the 3rd line should read heavy. I think I'll contact health unlocked as I can't get my curser to move.

    Hope your day is good. We are going to a local pub this afternoon as I am playing darts. It's lovely and sunny so hope to be able to walk. I am improving; most of my darts hit the board now. I say hit as very often they will fall out again but not so many stick in the wall or floor now. Tonight a sitter is coming so I can go to my wine appreciation group ( it's other name is boozy, Tuesday women's group). Both darts and the wine group are only once a month but always on the same day, bad planning.

    Nanna B x

  • hi nannna b

    i dont think i have posted on hreh site about this august when i fell thro the glass coffee table and was surrounded by masses of large shards of glass

    luckily i had my mobile and phoned for my carer to come early that evening )(i.e. Now!) and get me out which with the help of a male neighbour she did

    they had to lift the coffee table off me and then clear up all the glass

    luckily like colin i only had a scratch on my thumb!

    my partner twas at the 1st footie match of the season and did not realise until eh got home how lucky i had been

    and i realise d, it later too\

    lol jIll


    for the day

  • i started a log when My mother went into hospital after she had a very bad Stoke . I did it in the first place not to forget anything that I wanted to tell my siblings who lived a way .

    I jokingly use to tell them I was going to write a book . . I did it for the three years afterwards when she moved into a nursing home . Among the many tears we had lots of laughs something's were so dreadful that you had to laugh to cope . It was when she dies that my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons .. lalalalala.

  • A some of the things that happEned helped me in some ways recognise and cope with my husband . Lots of tips I learned I now use for him .

  • I have many diaries with very full pages in January, fewer in February and by the end of March, nothing. When Colin was first diagnosed I noted how many times he got up in the night, how many times he fell etc and I think that help us get the NHS Continuing care as I showed it to the SS staff. I was a part time carer to my mum for 15 year as she had Altzheimers. Colin was diagnosed soon after she died. Perhaps we were born to be carers. X

  • I agree , Although nine of it is easy Jhn has never felt a burden , which he sometimes tells me he worries about . I say to jim you never need to say sorry although I do often when get frustrated . He understand though .

    I a, sure both our husband s know they are fortunate to have partners who still love them , I'm fact I seem to love him even more .

    Not everyone have such happy marriages and it must be much harder for them .

    Yes that was a very good idea . Since stopping a Patch my husband has been using for about five years he has been a little better . When I think back when I have thought it was the end but here we are still plodding and at the moment things running a little easier . in fact I am going out for an hour . I set the tv programmes to change programmes automatically it's a boon . We have cable TV off out now

  • I love you all lots am just sitting here waiting for the washing machine to finish this is the bedding I thought I had done after I had got brian up from his midday nap. Just put him to bed thought I will have a coffee noticed the washing in the machine thought I'll put that in the tumble dryer while I wait for the kettle to boil. Washing bone dry cos I never started the machine so started that off. Looked for my cup its in the microwave where I put it to warm the coffee up earlier. And after reading all the mad things that happen to everyone else I don't feel so batty. Mind you I think I've now got some more washing to do after laughing at all the antics. Janexx

  • i can so relate, gotta try and find some humor somewhere!!! you made my day.

  • Reading these has been a shot in the arm! What a relief to know there ARE folks out there who would believe me if I told them what my daily routine was like. I'll start my day with a new outlook! Thanks all!. Tal's wife, Jill

  • Hi Jill, I hope today is a good one bringing something you can laugh about.

    Nanna B

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