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You will be my first response...I wish you and your aunt safe trip and positive response to the trial. My husband was diagnosed with CBD in 2012. He can trace back his 1st symptoms to around 2005+.

Anyway, we are awaiting the same trail to begin in Alabama. Was supposed to begin this month. No word yet. The longer it takes to get started, the weaker his walking is becoming. He can still walk buy standing has become morning difficult.

So we are...waiting on VA

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You can call SF I don't care how far we have to go or what we have to do well be there even if it doesn't help Bev We hope her research helps someone but they might know of something being done somewhere by you We are in California till tomarrow but I can email you the # to talk to the Doc that has helped me. Email me a note so when I get home I remember to email you the info anything is worth trying,


That's exactly the way my husband feels, even if it doesn't cure him then at least the results may help others. The additional information would be great thank you. Will email tomorrow


I can email you the info to and the # of Dan at UCSF maybe he knows of something your way, the drug is not approved so its up to us to find a cure, my email is I will keep you posted when we go.


Yea we should be going soon to, I am going to post Dan # at UCSF after I ask him in the morning maybe he knows of something in other places. Than he has had it as long as Bev, I hope everything goes the right way for him and all the others that have these nasty sickness. good luck and keep me posted and I will you



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