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A replacement of Sinemet

Hi All,

I didnt post here for long time as i was getting married and life was so busy but i always read all your posts so carefully. I feel sorry for all your beloved family who died. I hope Allah may put his mercy upon them. About the painful psp disesse. My father is still going through this cursed illness but i have a good news that may help some of you. My father's doctor stopped Sinemet for him as his movement is now limited and he thought he wont need it anymore for balancing issues and then he replaced it with Alzixa tablet which is mainly given for Alzahimar patients. Suddenly our nightmare is almost reach to an end. The aggressive behaviour of psp is deacresed so much. The annoying pattern of the continous rejection of everything is beginning to disappear.The continous "No" as a response became an acceptance in a way or another. Even the slurred speech is now more clear.. His personality is more like before he gets psp. He is now CALM. My recommendation with this awsome drug is not based on any scientific research. It is only based on my own experience. I hope you can find this helpful as i did.



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Glad it worked for your father. Larry tried alzixa and had no response. The drugs work for some people and not others.

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Thanks jeff. Hope lary gets better.


I'm very glad to learn that your father has had a good response and things are easier for you all. Long may it continue! Peace, Ec


Thanks dear EC so much.


Very Interesting - Thanks for sharing your observations!! My huband had his last amantadine today and will now be off of it . He has not noticed a difference. Sinemet may be next.


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