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Thanks so much

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your kind replys it means so much to me at this hard time, being on this site was so helpful to me and Tom RIP and I know he was grateful as I used tell him where I got my ideas from and it's amazing to think that ye all are going throught hard times with psp, carers and suffers and still take the time to help others all over the world it's amazing and thanks so much, i know it's so hard to look after a loved one with psp and everyday is different and new battle is beginning but one thing I will say is to love each and every moment you have with that person because you never knew when that last moment will be. I will continue on this site and hopefully help another with a question they might have and be at some help

Take care everyone

Love Trice


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Always here xxx


These dreadful illnesses brings strength you never imagine you could have .

Friends tell me how wonderful !!!!! I am and how lucky my husband is having me to support him over and above , then I tell them I am not the only one there are more People out there doing exactly the same thing than they can imagine . We are all supporting each other .


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