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Is this the final stage I wonder

Mum declined so much in days sleeps alot terrible thrush in her mouth but keeps spitting medicine out I tell mum it won't clear up but still spits it out eats less than she did a week ago , I'm just hoping mum won't suffer much longer we can't keep my darling mum alive forever I wish we could. Thinking of you all and I'm so glad I found this site it has helped me so much. Thinking of you jimmbo xxx

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Hi blackcushhion

So sorry that you and your Mum are having such a rotten time, as if coping with the symptoms of PSP isn't enough without the added infections that can accompany it. If your Mum is able to sleep through the current times and doesn't want to eat that is probably natures way of making her situation more tolerable. Whether or not it is close to the end of your combined journey you can do no more than make her as comfortable as possible and attend to her needs in as gentle a way conditions allow. It's a wretched time for you both but it's clear that your love and concern for your mother will help you make the best choices for her. I'm sorry I can't offer any practical help, my very best wishes, Jerry.

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My experience was that when by beloved wife Sharyn was eating only bites at a meal it was the beginning of the end for her. She slowly slipped downward once the eating changed. It wasn't due to swallowing because that was about 75% good. I asked if it was deliberate and she said "no, I'm just not hungry". I think it was the result of the body just having had enough and the beginning of it shutting down. It was two weeks later she left for heaven. Stay strong and at every opportunity tell them you love them. Do the right thing as best you can and you won't have regrets when they pass on. Hugs to you and your family. I know how tough this is but you must be strong! Jimbo


I am so sorry to hear of the distress your mother is going through and your pain, it is so hard to watch someone we love deteriorating. Thinking of you.


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