Final stage and waiting

Just a brief update. My dear wife Sharyn has taken a downward step. Hospice says her body is shutting down getting ready for death. She is not in any pain but only slightly responsive. Hospice has her on morphine but just to keep her comfortable. I would appreciate your prayers for us both. No need to overload the forum with posts in return. Jimbo

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  • Dearest Jim,

    We are all thinking of you. Keep strong!

    Lots of love


  • Dear Jim

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.


  • Dear Jim

    What sad news, you are both in my thoughts.

    Be strong and take care.

    kind regards





    LOL jiLLL


  • I'm sure Sharyn knows she is loved. You are, too, Jimbo. My thoughts are with you both.

  • You are both in my prayers Jimbo. May God bless you and Sharyn with His peace.

    Nanna B

  • Thinking of you both, you are in our prayers x

  • So thinking about

  • Know that you are not alone. You will stay in our thoughts and prayers. I too have found your comments and advice useful. Keep in touch.

    Lots of love


  • So sorry Jim. Thinking of you both x

  • hi jim

    you and sharyn are much loved on this site please s tay on it!

    LOl JILl

    hugs and xxxxx

  • Dear Jim,

    You and Sharyn are in my prayers.


  • our thoughts are with you both,Rollie@ Madeline

  • Thinking of you both at this sad time our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Prayers going up

  • dear jim

    i am so sad for you both but know that we are all thinking of you and sending hugs and love

  • Dearest Jim and Sharyn

    Love and prayers being sent to you both with heartfelt sorrow xx

  • My thoughts and prayers are with u both xx

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you bothxx

  • Dear Jimbo. You and Sharyn are in my thoughts during this difficult time.

    Love maddy

  • Thinking of you and Sharyn at this time. I pray you have the strength and Sharyn has peace.


  • Dear Jim, I do hope I may call you Jim, so sorry to hear your news but so glad to hear morphine being used to keep your wife comfortable. Such a sad time. Love and thoughts to you both xx

  • Think and praying for you both at this very sad time.

  • Jim, I said no need for reply, but would feel badly not to comment. In the short time I have been on this site, you have been the number one encourager and informative individual. May God's grace be with you and Sharon and may you feel His undying love and comfort.

  • Thanks. I can only say that at this moment, in the final stages toward death for Sharyn, my heart is breaking!


  • Dear Jim -

    You have been such a rock for Sharon and this forum. You both deserve a peaceful outcome.

    My thoughts are with you,


  • Thanks, as my daughter said after seeing Sharyn struggle today "This Sucks!" After losing my wife of 31 years to CJD and now my wife of 24 years to PSP I've been through a lot. At this moment my heart is breaking. This is hard! You can only stay strong for children and grandchildren to set a model. Thanks to everyone on this site for their prayers and support. Jimbo

  • Jim my prayers ARE with you as I recently experienced the same with my husband. God be with you.

  • jimbo

    I am very sorry about your wife please let her know how much we all love her and you.

    how di you know it is the final stage? I was diadnosed 3 years agp.

    baebaea daughtry

  • I knew it was near the end as her desire for food slowed to just a few bites at each meal. Not due to swallowing issues, those were still comparatively good. I think she was just tired of the struggle with PSP. Then, last Thursday I noticed she could not stand, no strength left in the legs. Friday she was worse so I knew her struggle would end soon, and it did. Thanks and hang in there. Stay strong!






  • My Bill was able to take communion on Good Friday. Was comfortable through the weekend. Became unresponsive on Monday, labored breathing on Tuesday and Wednesday, died Thursday a.m. about 8:00. I am still stunned as we expected a year or two more of this downhill progression. I think he just decided Easter was a good time to wrap it up and go be with Jesus. I feel so very alone now, even with friends and family wanting to do anything they can. They just can't do the one thing I would want.

    I hope this winding down will be gentle. You have both suffered so much. You are in my prayers almost constantly as I see Sharyn's struggle is almost over. And I know your heart is breaking, too.


  • Caroline, I can relate. I also thought Sharyn had at least one more year of struggle. Although my heart is broken I'm thankful her struggles are over. I remember three years into her struggle I told her I would take PSP off her and onto me if I could. I meant every word. Thanks for being on this great forum. Jim

  • xxx

  • Bonjour Jim....I've just been invited back to our PSP forum...after several months absence.

    I just noticed that my message to and your family then on dear Sharyn's death,never got to you.

    So at this late stage I'm just hoping that time has helped to mend the immense heartbreak that losing a second wife has caused. But I'm sure you have continued to help and support all the heroes on this forum.

    But the main reason I stopped posting was that I got very upset with the new Health Unlocked way I could get after a week of annoyance I and still being locked out...I opted out.

    Last week was the second anniversary of my late bride, Jo's death. And because we'd moved house to a one storied place so she could better whizz around in her Invacare ,the sad memories that the house in which she died ,carried , made me want to move out. Which I did, this September.

    And that's the second reason.- The house took a year to build which kept my mind full,too. And of course I made sure this house answers all the access needs of someone in a wheelchair , wide doors , no sills, Japanese toilets, etc.

    But today , Jim,out of the blue, I got this I hope to be active once's the least I can do for Jo and more and more of those PSP/CBD heroes .

    Best, brian.

  • Brian, Glad you are finally back! Missed seeing your posts helping others and me. I know what you mean about memories in the home where our spouses died. Lots of memories good and bad. You'll enjoy your new home once it is complete. I'm keeping busy with my art friends and church friends. However, when alone and thinking of Sharyn the sadness creeps in. It's been seven months, where did the time go? Holidays and other occasions are rough to get through for me. However, I'm strong and have been through this process before with my first wife. Stay strong my friend! Jimbo

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