Hi all,my dad passed away very peacefully this morning,we took him from the hospital away from the blood tests etc,

It was to distressing for him,there was nothing they could do,and pu him on the Liverpool pathway,he came home,and with help from the McMillan nurses,he died very peacefully and with dignity,I held his hand told him I loved him,and a tear slipped from his eye.and he just went,I was always so frightened he would choke on phlegm.and die terrified,it's over now,I will miss him so much,thankyou everyone on here,I couldn't have done it,without your wise words,good ideas,if anyone wants to ask anything,I'm here,I have lots of things in my head that helped dad on his journey,once again thankyou,and I love you all xxxx ps I'm sticking around x

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  • Hi Robin, so sorry you've lost your dad but it's a blessing he went peacefully and is now free from this horrible illness. In October I held my dad's hand as he went (he was 96 and didn't have PSP) but it was not at all peaceful and was as you had feared, gasping for breath. I have been concerned ever since that when it is my husband's turn, he would go the same way. I'm not going to worry now as I will remember your dad's passing and pray my husband's is the same. You will miss him. Try to focus on the times before PSP.

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nanna B

  • You're in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peace, taking comfort from cherished memories xxx

  • Aww I'm ever so sorry to hear this Robin. You did everything you could, you couldn't have done anymore. He is at peace now from the evil PSP. My dad who's journey with PSP mirrored your dads, died on 22nd October from aspiration pneumonia and it was so horrible to watch. I'm glad your dad didn't have that. Hope his soul can now rest in peace. Thinking of you xxxx

  • I am sorry to hear your dad has lost his battle but I am glad it was peaceful and at home. Mum's psp gave her pneumonia but she went with a dignified battle for breath due to a delay in getting the right meds to her so it was not as peaceful but she knew we were there. It was only a year ago and recently I sat with my mother in law as she also passed with pneumonia caused by years of smoking and COPD and it brought back the rawness and unfairness of it all. My mum looked after her health and was never ill before psp. Take care and peace to you and your loved ones. You did your best for him and he will have loved you for that. X Dianne

  • Hi Robin, So sorry for your loss I am glad your Dad died peacefully surrounded by love. I lost my husband last December to PSP it was a long and painful journey. We both wanted him to be in his home when he died and he passed peacefully at home and I was by his side. Hope time will heal your loss.

  • Hi Robin

    Really sorry to hear that your Dad has finally passed away. He is at peace now and so can you be. You did every thing possible for him. You should be very proud of yourself,that your Dad was able to have a peaceful passing with you by his side at home. Not many people can achieve that!

    Lots of love to you and your family and thank you for saying that you will "stick" around for us. Your knowledge will be a great help for us, when our loved ones get to the end stage. Remember that we are still here for you, during the next part of your journey.


  • Robin,love to you and yours....it will be an adjustment,you will have to realign your life...your dad is finally free again,sympathy and love,Rollie and Madeline

  • Robin thanks for sticking to help others. The story of the confirming tear is wonderful. Similar experience with first wife who had CJD another rare brain disease. My mom visited and when leaving said "love you" and wife who had not spoken or looked understanding before then shed a tear.

  • Awww thankyou,I love you all so much,I wish you all the very best xxx

  • hi robin

    i am so sorry that u ha ve lost your dad to this PSP

    it is v difficult when a loved one goes from this earth but plz stay on the sit e- we need u

    lol Jll

    a hug and zxxxxx

  • Thanks Jill.x

  • Hi Robin,

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. A great loss for you and your family but a happy release for him from this so distressing condition.

    My thoughts are with you at this time. Peter3.

  • Hi Robin

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I am glad you had him at home with you and it was peaceful in the end. You all did everything you could and you carried on doing so right up to the final moment. Thanks also for staying around on here to help others with their journey. Wishing you all peace at this distressing time x

  • Thankyou Sharon x

  • Thanks peter x

  • Hi I've just joined this site my dad has just been diagnosed with psp he has been in hospital for 7 weeks now and has had a feeding tube put in we don't know much about this disease or what to expect now any information you could give would be helpful many thanks x

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