Mum and Dad

Hi. Just a quick update to say that dad's heart surgery went well on Thursday, and yesterday they even had him walking a circuit of the ward. Mum is in respite care for 4 weeks. It's a really nice place, all set in lovely grounds and the staff seem really kind. Of course, mum says she doesn't like it there and wants to go home, but what can I do at the moment!. Hope everyone else is coping the best they can.

Regards. Lindsey UK

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  • Hinlindsey

    Don't best yourself up over bit will u..?

    Lol jill


  • Dear Lindsey,

    Take note - Your parents are in good hands,

    Use the time to take care of yourself!


    Alana - Western Australia

  • Great that your Dad's surgery went well, so glad to hear it. Don't fret too much about your Mum, although it must be really hard to listen to her say she wants to come home and deny that, you have to prioritise at the moment. Your Mum's needs are being met and your Dad needs you. Also, as SharonAB says, try and use this time, while your Mum is being well looked after and so is your Dad, to grab some down time for yourself if at all possible. And don't feel bad about it. It's a very hard road when both parents are ill. Don't regret or doubt yourself, you did what you needed to do and what was best for them both and you. Hope it all keeps going well xxx

  • You are doing your very best, and that's all you can do. Dad used to say he wanted to come home all the time from hospital in his final few weeks, sometimes I used to leave in tears, but there was nothing I could do as that's where he needed to be.

  • Lindsey, sounds like you have your hands full!.Keep stressing to your mother that it only temporary. Glad your Dad is doing ok. Take care of yourself. Jayne G.

  • So glad things are going well. At least your mum will know that if it comes to going in full time that it's nothing to be scared of now. With the inspections that take place in homes now things are a lot better than they used to be. Best wishes for your dad's recovery. Dianne x

  • Good news!

  • hi lindsay uk really glad that your dad is doing well mate tell him keep up the good work and tell your mum that your dad needs time to recuperate from hes heart surgery and it will not be forever just be a little more be patient like you have been these last couple of weeks good luck to both of them and you of course see yer mate peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • so pleased your dad is over the worst and that your dear mum is being cared for too . Now take the aDvice of the many people on this site and give yourself a BREAK >>>>>>


  • Thanks for the update, Liindsey. I'm really glad to know your father got through the surgery in such good shape. That's the major thing! I hope you can get a little breather for yourself while your mother is in respite care. Hang in there! Easterncedar

  • Hi

    I agree with the others

    Give,yourself. A Break

    lol, jill


  • Glad to hear the surgery went well, Lindsey. Perhaps your mum feels she ought to be visiting him? Hope you are able to get some sleep.


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