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To all the brave souls…

I wish you all a good New Year or a year with more advancements in the world of PSP. Although my mother completed her journey this summer in a peaceful and dignified manner I continue to think of all the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters whose lives have been impacted by a ravenous disease. I read your posts daily knowing that there are hundreds who don't post but can relate to what concerns are being discussed. It is the same story, just different characters. I want you to know that there aren't braver people who care more than those who turn daily to each other to share their concerns. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to care for my mother. I am thankful for the incredible people that came into our lives to make each day more tolerable. I am thankful for those who turned to this site to share their concerns, ask for information, share all the techniques that make each day pass with the best of care. For you I am grateful. My thoughts are with you all. At the end of each day we will all be looking at the same moon, the same stars. Do not feel alone in your journey. Kath

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Dear Sugardart

What wonderful sentiments for the New year, thank you so much, you have made me feel quite humble.

I am sorry for your loss, I am sure you did the very best for your mother and as you say, she is at peace now.

With all best wishes

Dorothy T


Thank you for that lovely message Sugardart.

Happy New Year, Nader


These are my sentiments exactly put so well. With all best wishes every day Flicka x

Reply xx


What a lovely post

It says it all

Miss my mum, it's nearly a year for us too

Peace to you all

Dianne X X


What a lovely, compassionate post. Thanks, Sugardart. That was a fine thing to read first thing in 2014. Now I'm going out to play in the snow!


Dear Sugardart

Beautifully expressed - may 2014 be a good year for you and yours, remembering the good times.



What a lovely post lovely words I too lost my husband in September from this terriable disease


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