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Wishing you all a Happy Christmas

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As another year draws to an end, I find myself thinking of the last 12 months. Many sad changes for a lot of us this year, my heart goes out to those of us who have lost their loved ones this year, myself included. I'd like to thank all of you for your

caring and support, especially Tony (Mr Shelley) Dianne, Jim & Sharyn, Jill and the lovely Peter Jones aka my Gramps. Sadly I lost my Dad 3 years ago on 18th dec and my beautiful, courageous Mum 6th Sept this year. It will be a very difficult Christmas for our family this year, the only comfort I can take is that my Mums suffering is now over.

Wishing those still battling PSP and their dedicated carers all my love and strength for your continuing journey. This site has been a godsend for me and I hope to still be able to offer advice and comfort going forward. What a very special group of people you are.

Sending my warmest wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas to you all.

JoJo xxxxx

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JoJo-K in reply to shasha

Thank you my lovely xxxx

You will be in my heart and on my mind this holiday season and beyond...


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JoJo-K in reply to JudyJ

Thank you Judy, I hope you are still doing well? I hope you and your beautiful daughters have a wonderful Christmas, Love & hugs Jo xxxx

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JudyJ in reply to JoJo-K

Thanks Jo...it will be a wonderful holiday season. Missy, my youngest is in surgery right now while they cut & paste her right hip back together; necessary, including the timing, for her to be able to leave to study for the semester in Scotland. She's a trooper; this her 5th; knows what to expect. Still makes this mama a bit anxious tho. Goes with the territory. She'll get lots of xtra TLC from me, her sis, and her boyfriend over the next days. AND presents...what can be bad about that...?:)

Happy Christmas JoJo and everyone on here I hope 2014 is a better year for everyone, as everyone keeps telling me think of the happy memories you had with your loved ones! It's hard and still very raw can't really wait till Xmas is all over to be honest sorry about my negative thoughts! Have a rest because that will be what you will need more than anything!! love and best wishes to you all xx

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daparose in reply to JanStott

A peaceful and happy Christmas to everyone, thank you for all your kind wishes. I lost my husband to PSP on the 5th December, 2013 so everything is very hard for me at the moment but this site has been so helpful and so many kind people offering their good wishes so I hope all of you have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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JoJo-K in reply to daparose

My heart goes out to you my lovely, please feel free to private message me anytime if you feel like a chat. You will be in my thoughts. Time to take care of yourself now xxxx

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JoJo-K in reply to JanStott


I feel the same sweetie, but will paste a smile and get through the day. My daughters 17 & 15 were devastated at my mums passing in Sept this year, we have been advised to take them for bereavement counselling, not sure they will go but will give it a try. Take care my lovely, lots of love xxx

Thank you Jo-Jo. Wishing you and yours love peace and a time filled with all good memories of your mum. It'll be 9 weeks tomorrow since we lost dad and these holidays will be tough to get through. We try our best, that's all we can do. Sending you love and hugs xxxx

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JoJo-K in reply to groovychick

18 weeks for me losing mum, but already sad this time of year from losing Dad 18th Dec 3 years ago. It will be a tough Christmas for many of us this year, ill hold you in my thoughts my lovely. I still take comfort that the suffering is over for Mum, but it doesn't take the pain that she's no longer with us. Stay strong and be proud for all you did for your lovely Dad, lots of love Jo xxx

hi jo jo thanks a bundle for your em mate it seems a long time since I em you I know you miss your mum heaps mate but I think you will find that as time goes along that she is in a better place now and no more suffering and no more having to repeat herself because no one could understand what she has said

I miss myrtle myself even though I did not know her only through you \\ well I will change the subject now and tell you about my side of things well I have had more than my share of falls just lately [=and that's not the scotch either i wish it was] I fell over at woolworths on the road of all places it could not be on the grass took some bark off of my other elbow right one just to match up with the left one I suppose the other falls I had just shook me up I cut my head in two places which they glued together

I felt like jack and jill who went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

im sure you know the rest of it mate I put it down to older age all these falls I went into the garden on the grass to kill some grubs that were in the lawn but it nearly killed me I tried to flood there holes in the grass with water ==== I fell over 3 times and got soaked with the hose which was on full bore so I was not sure whether I had broken something or I had tried to drown myself in the end but i got up a lot more slowly than i went down I can tell you this older age is not all its cracked up to be

well matey a very lovely xmas to you and yours and a bright and exciting new year to you don't worry about mum mate she is ok

I can tell you that she will be watching you over the xmas so mind your ps and qs although she would not mind im sure

regards to the girls and your husband see yer Taffy granddad peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer and silly old so and so

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JoJo-K in reply to peterjones

Hi Gramps

You never fail at making me smile !!! Sorry to hear about the falls, I have sent you another private message sweetheart. Thank you for your lovely words, as Always lots of love JoJo xxx

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