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Search Engine Use

Often when creating a post or asking a question, you may find this forum has made previous comments on that subject. The updated search engine can be very informative of past posts (I think it goes back at least one year). Tag words at the bottom of posts may or may not be useful.

For example, type in "prognosis" in the search box (top right hand corner) and you'll find all the references to this subject from the past.

Hope it helps those who have not tried it yet.


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Thanks Mr Strelley, tried it and it's a good tool. It can help me keep on track.

Especially as I'm new to this E-World.

I find some posts seem to wander off into adjacent areas.Not too much of a problem as it's all connected to PSP/CBD...but we sometimes forget the original question!

Glad you are active again.



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