Hi everyone

Well dad still hanging on they said 48 hours it's been 5 days the pain and anguish sitting at his bedside is just too hard

to put into words, he's not going without a fight,just hope it's not much longer now don't think his tiny little body can take much more. A big thank you for all your kind wishes, thoughts and prayers over this last week god bless us all x

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  • Hello Mrs Farringdon

    I'm fairly new here (my mum was diagnosed 6 months ago). I haven't posted before but I have read many of your and others' posts - what a wonderfully supportive community it is here.

    My thoughts are with you; sending you strength and courage at this very difficult time and praying your Dad finds peace from this struggle.


  • Please take care of your self.

  • Dear Mrs Farrington,

    TAKE NOTE OF DEEW's WORDS >>>................................... T A K E C A R E O F Y O U R S E L F

    (And yes, I can guess your first thoughts are probably 'easier said than done'....but...)


    Alana - Western Australia

  • Thinking and praying for you all mrs farrington Hope his suffering is soon over x

  • I pray for you and your Dad to find peace as I did with my husband 2 years ago. This disease is a nightmare because there is no hope in sight.

  • Bonjour Mrs Farringdon...so sorry you have to share all your dear Dad's suffering at close quarters.

    You know I once heard, via a geriatric doctor, that someone close to the end purposely hangs on to life because you are right there and and doesn't want to upset you by going. Please don't think me cruel if I propose that maybe your presence is having that effect. And it it's heartbreaking to see your Dad going "like a candle in the wind"...but there's really not much anyone can do at this stage is there? Try to let him go ......in peace,

    Dad's so close.

    I must just agree with Marilyn that PSP is a horrendous malady.

    BUT...I'M TOTALLY CONVINCED THERE IS HOPE IN SIGHT ...that's why I support our PSP Association with might and main...because thanks to the work of hundreds of wonderful benevolent helpers gathering funds, our Association has given millions for research and will continue to do so till we finally get PSP licked.

    And let us not forget the Brain Bank open to PSP researchers to learn more about it.

    To coin a phrase 'YES WE CAN.. AND WILL!

    best to all, brian

  • Just surround with love and he will know what you want for him. SO SO agree with brian? We must support the PSP Association with their work especially their research, it is very close to my heart for personal reasons. Continue with courage and be sure of the love and admiration of so many of us Flicka

  • Flicka, my husband just passed away from PSP Oct. 11. I think he truly waited for all the well wishers to leave & then I got in bed beside him when it was just him & me & he died peacefully in his sleep about 5 hours later in the early hours of the morning. I definitely want to contribute monetarily to the PSP research program but don't know the best Assoc or there address. Can you or anyone help me with this. Annielee

  • Hi Annielee1 -

    There may be a support group you can help - not only fundraising but also supporting those on the journey, carers and other recently ex-carers. Otherwise the PSP Association has ideas.

  • Hi ultramodern. I think there is a great deal of truth in what you write. When my father-in-law lay dying, I remember bending close and whispering to him that it was OK. We would be OK. It was OK for him to go to his rest. I don't know whether that had any impact or was simply a comfort to me, but he died within the hour. When my Gramms was dying, there were so many family in the home. We would quietly go in in ones or twos around her bed, and there was always someone there. For some unknown reason, there was a brief minute or two when no one was in there. The next person entering the room saw that she had passed.

  • I wish him peace on his next journey and you with yours. Best wishes, Dianne XX

  • Thinking of you all at this time

  • hi mrs farrington thinking of you at this very difficult time chin up mate and keep smiling

    petert jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • OH, how difficult for all of you. I pray for your strength and comfort.


  • Hi so sorry for you all my husband fought for six days it is so hard to watch my heart goes out to you. Thoughts and prays with you take care.

  • I'm so sorry that your Dad has this terrible disease, take care of yourself I know it's easier said than done all my thoughts are with you and your Dad x

  • In the last week of my husbands life myself and my 4 children sat around his bed we told h we were happy for him to go and not suffer any more with this cruel disease as we were around his bed he slipped away so peacefully on the 12th September we miss him badly but it was a happy release for him

  • mrsfarrington: Sending you warm thoughts and prayers from Japan. My husband was diagnosed two years ago and we have learned so much about the programs here, he is now in daycare 5x/wk while I work full time. But too often the sense of loneliness is overwhelming. Reading this forum is providing a sense of support to me (this is my first post ever), and hope that you draw strength from all these kind people.

  • Thinking of you at this difficult time. Lindsey x

  • I am so sorry your dad has psp I hope he does ok with it I know how he feels I have psp

  • I too hv PSP and wiłl take comfort in knowing the he willl be free of it soon

    Lol Jilll

  • You are in my thoughts and prayers xxx

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