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Hi my mother has been complaining about seeing ghosts which are trying to hurt her.This is one of the reasons she trys to move around away from them, causing terible injuries to herself.She sometimes refuses her medicine which doesn't help the mental health people says its not their department the neurological team says its not theirs mean while my mothers killing herself.We keep having pointless meetings where nothing gets sorted out.Does any body else have issues with physcosis and psp.Al

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Yea, my husband. He is on a very small dose, 12.5mgs of Quetiapine which has, on the whole, helped him and me carry on.

Regards to pointless meetings, why bother, we're not anymore. We will only see the people who we think will be of practical use to us.

Dorothy thompson


Hi "wendal"

If possible, please Google the words "Parkinson's Treatment Tips on Psychosis and Hallucinations". You'll find useful and simply expressed information (that is also applicable to PSP/CBD).

I'm not in the UK, so cannot give advice about the problems your having with your healthcare providers (but they need someone to rattle their cages).


Hi Wendal,

My Mum also saw people and things that weren't there and had hideous nightmares. She too was given a small dose of something or other to help. The 'terrors' passed eventually and while Mum still hallucinates these days it is things like the "4 dear little kittens in the library" that she told me about yesterday.


Yes, my Dad sees things. Lucky for us he doesn't find them frightening and he can no longer move (do isn't able to hurt himself). As for pointless meetings, that is a real real shame and I feel for you. We have had a lot of help (I'm not saying that there weren't any pointless meetings along the way though!) it's definitely worth keeping at it. Have you been to any of the PSPA local support groups??? Piggy


I'd recommend asking to see your local Parkinson's nurse - they are also knowledgeable about PSP. Ours has been so valuable with my dad. Very best wishes & lots of sympathy. Morag


Mum had only a mild touch of psychosis and it was predominant only when she had an infection brewing. She would say she had seen dad sitting on the bed or that she thought she could feel me behind her in bed, or that she thought I was working in the care home as she could hear me talking but would add that she knew it wasn't so and her mind was playing tricks on her. Be very wary of infections-they are the worst enemies of pwPSP as they can sometimes be slow to build but ferocious to fight off. Parkinsons's nurses are being armed with information on PSP to try and inform and be centre points for GPs, Neurologists and other professionals, so it was good advice from MoragR,

All the best, Dianne x


Thanks for the replys .I really dont know whats causing the problem, infection , lack of meds, but im not a doctor .We have a big meeting on Wednesday I hope something will be sorted.


Hi, I'd zero in on her medications as the cause. Meds can cause strange reactions. Once a doctor gave my dad Valium and he freaked out, saw people in the house and yard who weren't there, etc. He was hospitalized and strapped in a chair when I arrived. They stopped meds and in a day he was back to himself. Sounds wierd but it's a true story, I watched it happen.



Hi, My husband is takig sinemet for his PSP symptoms but cannot increase dosage much at a time because too much can cause hallucinations. See what meds and amounts are being given....



Hello, Wendal

My late husband, Tony, only had one such epiisode - after taking one dose of (if I remember correctly) Kemadrin. It unlocked something dreadful and he was sitting up in bed, shouting etc. Stopped it immediately and it didn't happen again, but he was never quite the same after. I agree with Jimbo and others that it could be either medication or infection.

Good luck on your journey - Mo


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