My husband is 73 and has PSP, finally diagnosed about 2 years ago. We are looking at travel insurance and he is very pessimistic as he says it is terminal (one of the conditions of insurance is not to have a terminal illness) and not fit to travel, which he is with help, and as far as I know has been encouraged to do so by doctors and neurologists. Would you call PSP a terminal illness for insurance purposes. We desperately need a holiday (I know I do) and he says he wants to go (we have booked to go to Spain at the end of July) but not sure if he really does. Any thought about this?

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  • Hi Linda, yes we always got travel insurance. Steve and I regularly travelled to South Africa, after his diagnosis. We always used Staysure. I am sure there are loads of others in the market. Pick up the phone and try. A terminal illness is one where you are expected to die within 6 months. As long as his doctor says he is fit to travel and you can cope, then GO!!!

    Don't forget to ask for wheelchair assistance though. Even if your hubby is not using one yet. It's worth all its weight in gold.

    Lots of love


  • Thankyou. I intend to try. Very confused about whether PSP is terminal or not.

  • It's classed as life limiting, not terminal. If you know the difference, then you are a better person than me! But that is big in insurance terms.

    Hope you find the right insurance for you.

    Lots of love


  • Exaccctly Heady, life limiting, not terminal ... SSDN- same shit different name. There's an old saying: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it's probably a duck.

  • Linda we use foggy insurance I told them what my husband has and that his consultant told him it was terminal they are very reasonable you have to pay an excess if your husband gets Ill we got quoted 250 pounds excess but haven't had to use it yet .they are very good on the phone you will get the no online hoe this helps x

  • I'll take a look thankyou

  • We travelled abroad as long as he felt able. You may have to pay excess but it wasn't exhorbitant. Compare online. And use wheelchair service. Brilliant.

    Enjoy while you can !!!

    love, Jean

  • My own sentiments!

  • Hi

    Different slant on this one , is hubby worried about travelling and expresses it this way? We were touring aus and NZ three years ago, the company just ask have they been hospitalised from falling, and not too expensive. With this illness the biggest hazard whilst he is mobile is falling so just be aware when away tiredness issues etc. But you will know that!!! It is bizarre Rog has had over the years horrific falls but has never broken a bone, he has a Harry Potter scar though!

    Travel while you can for as long as you can, the only saving grace with PSP I have found is as it progresses acceptance of change comes with it, not way though

    Let us know where you go !

    Julie x

  • We have used Staysure insurance since my husband diagnosed with PSP in 2013 agwd 69 years. Not that we have been overseas this year, suspect those days of ovetsead travel arenow behind us. An insurance advisor called and went through a checklist of questions like have you ever been hospitalised with aspirational pneumonia, hospitalised after a fall. USA has a huge premium but we bought annual insurance at a similar price to the year before diagnosis and travelled in Europe and Asia. Do travel while you can creates such wonderful memories.


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