Updated Carer's Information Pack

Updated Carer's Information Pack

The new Carer's Information Pack is now available to download from our website at pspeur.org/user/docs/PSP%20...

We hope it will answer many of the questions you may have, whether arranging financial support, managing the symptoms as and if they arise, where to get help and advice, including support for carers, and more web and contact information to signpost you to other handy sources of support.

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  • Thanks Debbie

    The old Carers Information pack was a godsend and I think one of the best information packs I have seen. Although dad has now passed away I will still be referring to the new pack in order to pass the awareness onto as many people as I can.


  • Thanks Lesley...that's very encouraging - always nice to get positive feedback :)

  • Is it possible for someone in the USA to get a hard copy of this information pack?

  • Yes it is. If you email deborah.wheeler@pspeur.org she will send one out to you.

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